First Blog Post/Photography

An Introduction to Photography

Recently at my college I’ve been identifying visual vocal in photographic terms. Ive learnt that there are multiple types of vocabulary such as:

Negative Space

This is when the photo has minimal space used and is fairly empty.


Positive Space

This is the opposite of negative and the photo holds lots of items, this photo also contains negative space in the corners and edges etc which keeps your main focus on the other items. sometimes a photo has too much positive space and it is difficult to find the focal point of the image therefore it is good to have a mix.


Horizontal lines

Horizontal lines speaks for itself, it is when the photo featured horizontal lines.



In order for a photo to be classed as primarily shape, the shape must be distinctive and easy to spot much like the circles in this photo.



Texture in a photo is just when the photo involves lots of lines or circle for example to make a detailed composition.


Implied lines

Implied lines is applied when a photo is taken of someone or something which is looks as if its attention is drawn to something outside of the photo.


Organic lines

These are a little different to Horizontal and Vertical lines, organic lines (as shown below) is when the lines are bent or curved instead of straight.


Rule of Odds

Rule of odds is when there are an odd number of people or items in a photograph, in this case I have taken a photo of 3 people.


Rule of Three

The rule of three is simple, it is when there is 3 items in a photo, often they will be similar, rule of three links to rule of odds in some ways if the rule of odds uses three like my last photo.



This photo features a stand out colour of green amongst the creamy white back ground, often photos will hold a range of colours but for the sake of this example I decided to take a photo with just one stand out colour.



Speakers for itself, this vocabulary is applied when you have vertical lines in a photo.



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