Ive been looking at genre, narrative and representation in movie trailers and movies recently.


Ill share my thoughts on these screenshots in the trailers with you.

From this screenshot of the movie trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens we can infer lots about the genre the movie will entail and some key features about characters in the story. Since this is the first shot in the whole trailer, we instantly get a sense of mystery as to who this dressed up character may be. We can already see a couple of conventions of Sci-Fi just by looking at the lights and goggles worn, also what looks to be a weapon on his shoulder. What adds to the sense of mystery about this character is the fact he/she is surrounded by darkness, and only the top half of the body can be seen through a close up shot, meaning we do not know what is belo0w the shoulders of the character. The clothing being worn also suggests that this film may be hybridised with another genre due to this clothing not being very futuristic at all, yet very basic in fact.


From this screenshot, we can infer more about the film and its genre through yet more conventions, yet again it holds a classic theme due to the clothing worn by the woman, however she is accompanied by some sort of robot which secures the Sci-Fi genre. Once again the setting reveals quite an eerie feeling as it seems very basic and vast.  


This screenshot is definitely highlighting the conventions of a Sci-Fi genre to the point where we can see spaceships flying over what seems to be the same place as the last screenshot, again adding the idea of mystery in this trailer, for such a big release, some of the trailer is very secretive, I’m sure this was the idea behind the creator’s minds to keep this trailer as secretive as possible to get people more curious. These spaceships are very iconic from the last Star Wars movies meaning it obviously keeping its originality which will draw in the older generation who have seen previous Star Wars movies.


Thank you for reading this section of my blog, I will soon be uploading a section on Narrative and Representation soon.


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