Logic (Music Software)

Today I have been experimenting with logic and creating a piece of music to go along with a safari video I found on youtube. If you didn’t know already, Logic is a popular software used by many DJ’s and people involved in the media industry to make audio tracks wether it be for a TV Advertisement or the release of a song. It may look daunting at first but when you know the controls it is actually very simple.


This is a small snippet of my first use of Logic, I made an African drum styled beat to go over the top of a safari video taken from YouTube via ‘Youtube to MP4’. This beat is mainly composed from loops, the term speaks for itself, loops are basically a certain small composition which plays continuously. The green blocks are audio clips that I have recorded myself using a keyboard, the reason they are green is because I’ve had to change the layer to ‘Software Instrument’ because I’m recording my own sounds.

I will update more on Logic in the near future, thank you for reading this very brief description of a few concepts of the software.



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