Photography (Focal Length & Angle of Perspective)

Today, Lewis and I used the Canon 1100D to take some photos of each other at different Focal Lengths and Perspectives.

Focal Length

First of all I will give you a brief description of what focal length means. Focal length is the distance between the sensor/film and the optical centre of the lens. It is measured in mm and each measurement is used to take a different type of photo. Photographers will question themselves on which lens to use for what they are actually taken photographs of. An 18mm lens is called a Wide Shot and is often used to take photos of rooms and landscapes where you need to get the whole shot in a frame but cant physically do it on a standard lens, which brings me onto my next point. A Standard lens is 50mm and is the same viewing as your eye, this is often used for portrait and documentary photography. Last of all, a Telephoto lens is used to take photos of something the photographer cant get close to, for example a lion at feeding time, or a footballer on the field. Here are some examples of photos I took today:

Wide Angle lens (18mm)


Standard lens (35mm)


Telephoto lens (55mm)



We also took photos of each other at different perspectives. Perspective is the front and back depth of a landscape which makes the main subject look closer or further away.

Wide Angle (18mm)


Standard Angle (35mm)


Telephoto Angle (55mm)


Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog post.


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