I just want to start by saying I believe I have produced some great work. If you have been following my blog, you will know that many hours have gone into producing these pieces of promotional material and now I can finally present to you the finished products – Below will be a copy of all my finished pieces and a short evaluation from both me and one of my peers.

Poster 1 – My favorite thing about Poster 1 is the background image. I believe it sums up the whole idea of my project in just the picture. I like the way I have organized the text as well, in my opinions none of it clashes with other texts. The way to improve this poster would be to attempt to edit the brightness and make the ‘channel4.com’ text more visible.

Poster 2 – Along with a really nicely taken photograph, I like the way I have used the ‘Gaussian blur’ effect in order to make the ‘rituals’ text look like it is stuck on the club, I also like the positioning of the text and the fact I have realized I needed to add a white box so some of the texts are easier to read. The aspect that I don’t like about this poster is the top text which says ‘New 10 part documentary series’. I feel as if it stands out (which may be a good thing) and that it looks out of place. I put it in the top corner so that it follows media terms such as the ‘z path’, I cant help but feel it is positioned wrong.

Poster 3 – Poster 3 is a lot like poster 1 and I believe this is good because it shows the main Idea of my show and it also holds synergy between them. However I prefer poster 3 due to the positioning and size of the text and the fact the sun isn’t overpowering the whole image. I also like the editing that makes the ‘Rituals’ title go behind the gold club to give the image a 3D sense. To improve this poster I think I need to blur the golf club to make the poster have even more of a sense of depth of field.

Poster 4 – Poster 4 is my favorite of all the posters. The reason I think this is because I feel like this poster is almost as if it’s a slightly upgraded version of the other 3 posters. It holds the same features yet the quality is better, and the text holds the right proportions and positions. To improve this poster I think I should make the channel 4 logo and the bottom text a little smaller so the main focus is the ‘Rituals’ heading.

Brochure – Like Jack said, I like the fact in my brochure I have used different photos or photos that are similar to the photos in the pictures. The reason I have been able to do this is due to the amount of photos id taken on both photoshoots. I also like the simplicity of the brochure, although there is lots of text, it still looks very neat and simple due to the positioning of pictures and the fact I used an extra 2 pages to fit the text on in a more appealing fashion. I think the ways in which I could improve this piece is by adding a background colour to get rid of the white background. It is supposed to look this way due to the simplistic nature of the brochure, yet it could be interpreted in a way where viewers think I couldn’t be bothered to add a background.

Ident – I really like my Ident, not because it is packed full of different effects and layers, but because it hold few layers yet it works. My mind was so set on filling my ident with loads of layers and effects so it looked good, but sometimes it is best to leave something as it is if you like it. After realizing this, I left my ident the way I liked it first hand when it was basic, and I’m still happy with it now. I could’ve improved my Ident by creating and adding my own sounds and like I said added a few more layers, but that is not always a great idea.

Peer Assessment by: Jack Peters

Poster 1 – With your first poster there are quite a few things I like firstly, I like how you’ve used typography to surround the gold club this creates a cool effect for the main demographic of this product to enjoy. Secondly, I really like how you have used the positive space effectively by filling it with small black text to stand out against the sky (background). However, one thing I think you could possibly improve on is the text, by that I mean add a grey boarder behind the bottom text to make it stand out a little more.

Poster 2 – For the second poster, I really like how you have used typography again to create a cool unique effect, that being the ‘rituals’ heading stretched to fill the inside of the gold club, I also like the colour scheme as it matches the green grass. Also, I really like how you have changed the point of orientation for this poster making it landscape instead of portrait like your previous poster, this makes it unique and it also mixes things up for your target audience. One thing I think you could improve on is perhaps you could make the poster a bit more simplistic, or you could make some of the text smaller.

Poster 3 – For your third poster, I really like how you have made the subject (the golf club) really big the reason I like it is because it entices your target audience straight away and pulls them straight in to the poster, another thing I like is the fact that you have kept the most important text such as ‘rituals’ in the center of the poster the reason I like it is because it doesn’t make the audience get bored and it also gets the message of the poster out the in the quickest way. One thing you could possibly improve on is the colour of the text for example you could make the header white to stand out against the black golf club it would also look cool because the white would share similarities with a golf ball.

Poster 4 – For your fourth poster, I really like the quality of your photograph you have chosen to use to fill the background space, I also love the use of typography more specifically how the website link ‘www.channel4.com‘ goes slightly behind the wearer of the hoody (subject). Another thing I like is the 3D effect the gold club being swung gives off, this is good because not only does it look cool it will also appeal to your target audience because they could perhaps analyze the swing. One thing you could improve on is possibly change the colour of the text to white to represent the colour of the golf ball.

Brochure – For your brochure, I really like how you have used different photographs rather than sticking to the ones you decided to use on your 4 posters this is good because it is unique to the brochure and when your target audience reads this they will pick up on it, Another thing I like is how you have used the green border scheme the reason I like it is because it represents the colour of the grass in golf and it also makes thing easier for the audience to read.

Ident – For your Ident, I really like how the quality is in high definition this is important as nowadays it’s the industry standard and everyone wants to see the work in a good quality more importantly your target audience. I also like how you’ve implemented typography, the heading ‘Rituals’ going behind the subject in the video this is good because it looks cool and it also will appeal to your audience because the way it is moving represents a gold swing.

Research Evaluation – I believe I have researched fairly well for this project including pictures to consolidate my memory for the best outcome of my project. I have created multiple pages of research through out my rituals section on one note and I have also made multiple blog posts on graphic designers and artists for inspiration.

The ways in which I could’ve improved my research is simply by getting more. You can never have too much research and ideas influenced by others. Although I did have a lot of research, a lot of it was simply advised to me by my peers, if id of delved deeper into the internet and other sources of information such as books, I would’ve most definitely found more useful research. Another way I could’ve improved my research is by making it more concentrated. As you will see, a lot of it is research related to subjects other than golf which is pretty much pointless since it has nothing to do with my subject so next time I will be sure to concentrate my research.

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