Ident (How To)

The Creation of an Ident

This post will be about how I’ve created my Ident, along with how to create one yourself (for beginners) and then in a few weeks I will insert the link of the final Ident which I will upload to youtube for you to watch. Enjoy.

First of all, you open up photo shop and select the paper size to:


After importing your first background image, click on ‘window’ in the top and scroll down to timeline, after clicking on timeline the option to create timeline will be available, click this and a bar will appear showing you your layers on a timeline, to the left of the timeline will be a little arrow next to the name of the layer. If you click this you will be presented with 3 or more options with little timers next to them.

Drag the play head to the start and click the timer next to transform. A little diamond will appear at the beginning as well as that same shape popping up next to the timer, then drag the play head to the end and press the little diamond next to the timer (not the timer).

When there are two diamonds either side of the layer, select the diamond at the beginning when the image is in its starting position and then select the diamond at the end and press CMD+T and move the image from its starting point to the desired position using the arrow keys. When you’ve moved it, press play and it will look sticky the first time but if you play it again it will look smooth.

Now that the first layer is complete, you can move on to the next layer, import the next image in and it will pop up like the first one did on the timeline. Click the little arrow to the left of the first layer and the three options will disappear and then click the arrow on the second layer. Repeat the process with as many layers as you want.

Too export your Ident, go to file, then export, then render video. After that you will be directed to a little section much like when you print something and you have to select options. select H.264 and HD 1080p 25 then click render and it will export.

Adobe Premier side (once you have made the ident visual you need to add music and sound FX) Open up Premier:

New sequence – Import the ident which saved as an mp4 and then add your audio from downloads which you have got previously.


  • The photos need to be larger than 1920 for a good resolution.
  • On the layers pallet, make sure you right click and convert your images to a smart object so you can use the ‘transform’ option when making your images move instead of the ‘position’ option.

The Creation of my Ident:

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 11.48.18.png

As you can see, I have exported the Ident from photoshop after adding different layers of photos and text and making them move a little at different speeds to add depth. After this process, I added multiple sound effects and music taken from ‘SoundSnap’ to create this final piece. I also added a few video and audio effects through premier to make them fade in and out.


To see the final product, please visit the link provided below, this will direct you through to my YouTube channel.



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