My Brochure

Over the next few weeks I will be creating a Brochure using Adobe InDesign. This post will be the post where I will put screenshots of the process and in a few weeks the final product along with a link to download it.

This is the work I have done so far on my brochure, at the moment the front looks done, but I’m not happy with it so I’m going to change the way the writing at the top is positioned so it is more appealing to the eye.

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I need to add in some newer photos from my latest shoot so I can get the best quality out of my brochure. I don’t like the front cover I feel that it looks quite tacky. I am going to change it to a more up to date photograph.

After deciding my Brochure is too ‘text heavy’, I have added 2 more pages so I can spread the text out more and add more photographs.


I change the photograph near the text on page 3 not once but twice as I was finding it difficult to find a picture which looked good mixed with all that text, it is probably going to change yet again as I’ve added in 2 new pages.

After adding detail to the two new pages by spreading out the text. As you can see, Ive been able to add a few more photos which in my opinion is good as it shows I more of my work. I believe it was the right decision to spread out the text, although there is still a lot of text, it is more appealing to the eye through the greater amount of photos added in.

Below are some pictures of my brochure and a link to my finished brochure if you want to download it. As you can see, I have created a 6 page spread, to of which are the front and back cover and the rest pictures and information. The reason I decided to use 6 instead of 4 pages was because my brochure at first looked very text heavy which made it look boring so by adding another 2 pages I could distribute the content in a better fashion.




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