Evaluation of Photoshoot 1

I completed my first photo shoot over half term on the date intended. The shoot went well and I managed to do pretty much exactly what I wanted to do, as mentioned in a previous post, the main idea behind this shoot was to obtain ideas of which camera angels to use for my promotional material that would be successful. I managed to take multiple shots and found a few good photos in which I will re take in better quality for the real shoot. (Shoot 2)
Here are some examples of the effective pictures I took which look appealing and convey the right message.


Here are some examples of the ineffective pictures, simply because they may either be over exposed or not conveying the right message, I will be sure to not let this happen in my next shoot. In a few of the photos I took, I was stood in front of the sun so my shadow was in the frame of the shot. I have learnt from these simple mistakes. The picture on the right was a test shot to see what it would look like if I took a photo facing the sun, I wanted to see what sort of exposure I would get.



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