My First Photography Shoot

Taking photos is not always as simple as you may think. A photoshoot involves lots of planning and preparation in order to set the right scene and convey the proposed message.

Since the main idea of my documentary project is to show how golf has changed in demographic and style over the years, the model I will use will either be a young teen or woman to show how it has changed over the years from being an upper class or old mans game. Therefore, in order to make sure the person is the main focus, I need to take fairly close up shots with a standard lens. I am going to be experimental with my shots and also take landscape shots to see if they are appropriate for my Ident. I am going to adopt styles such as changing the depth of field in my photographs. I will also take the same photograph but in different angles of perspective and focal length.

I want be photos to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with obviously lots of greens and some whites all to represent the colours of golf. My idea have been inspired by golf photographer Kevin Murray  as he uses a lot of landscapes of golf courses, this is the potential type of shot I will be using for my print adverts. My first practice shoot will take place in my local park on Monday 24th of October. The reason I am doing it in the park and not on the gold course is simply because this first shoot is to obtain ideas of different camera shots and styles. I want to see what shots look most aesthetically pleasing to the eye so that my promotional material is catchy as the target audience I have asked so far doesn’t seem to interested in the show.

This is a time plan of the shoot:

  • 10 Minutes – Walk to the park
  • 5 Minutes  – Set up the camera and tripod
  • 15 Minutes – Take photos of model in different positions
  • 5 Minutes – Pack away the equipment and review the photos
  • 10 Minutes – Walk home

This is a draft of the time plan, it may vary depending on how successful the shoot is, the reason I am unsure of these timings is because this is the first shoot of many to come.

The people involved in the first shoot will be me, my friend, and the model I am going to use. We will take a camera, tripod and some gold clubs to the park, the model must be wearing a hoodie. I will instruct the model first to stand in the same position and I will move around will the camera, and then I will tell the model to move around and I will be standing still. Whilst doing this the model will be holding a golf club and swinging whilst I change the exposure and depth of field etc., I will also get some still shots of the model so I have a wide range of photos.

In the case that this plan changes due to weather or other commitments coming up, I will do the plan as soon as I can and if in worse case, Monday is the only possible day for the shoot, I will arrange to go to the local driving range where it will be sheltered from the rain, I may email them in advance and ask for permission to take photographs there in advance so I have two plans.


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