Inspirational Golf Photographers

Here is a link to Kevin Murray’s website and few photos of his work to give you a rough idea of the style I may use in my own photography for the project. Ive said that I am set on using close ups for my print adverts and ident, but my ideas may change so I’m being open to all sorts of styles of photography.

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Another Golf Photographer who has inspired me is Paul Severn. His work consists of a range of different angles but what caught my eye were his portrait photographs. I will be using this type of photography for my project, as I’m trying to convey how the golf demographic has changed not the scenery, so my main focus in the photo needs to be the person/model involved.

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I also looked at golf photographer Russell Kirk who has a range of different camera shots on his website ranging from landscapes and portraits to golf imagery such as golf cars and sign posts. I like the variety shown on his website endive definitely been inspired to use some of the angles he has used to take photos, here are some example of the style shots i might use.

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