GOLF PROJECT (Pre Production)


In my first unit at college, I have to produce the promotional material for a documentary on a ritualistic activity which will air as part of a 12 part series on Channel Four. First off, you may be wondering how on earth golf is ritualistic. When its simple in fact, golf can be classed as a ritual simply down to the fact a golfer will practice their certain swing which is performed on a regular basis, a ritual is not what you would stereotypically think of a ritual to be (for example a ouija board). A ritual is ‘A series of actions or type of behaviour regularly and invariably followed by someone.’ (Definition taken from The promotional material can consist of media such as leaflets, posters, billboards, but most importantly a 2.5d ident. You know? the mini trailers you see before a show on Channel Four, where for example a bunch of buildings will mould into a ‘4’.


I am going to Tregenna Golf Course as previously mentioned. This is where I will take multiple shots of my selected participant to edit in post production to make my promotional material. The methods of advertising I will use are paper based such as leaflets and posters.


Im going to be shooting my photographs for the real thing at Tregenna Golf Course. The reason I have chosen this location is because of the easy access location, the good reviews, and the fact that my friend is close with the owners so we will have no problem organising the shoot.


My model or participant doesn’t need to be anyone too specific, as long as they are either a young teenager or female, then that works just fine, I do not need a professional golfer because that would ruin the aspect of my program. The idea of my program is to show how golf has changed over the years and that it isn’t what it used to be, the demographics have changed.


I will insert a copy of the communications that took place for me to arrange meeting up with the selected model and doing a shoot for them. I will also insert the conversation that tok place between the owners of the golf course and I asking for permission to shoot and use the course.


  • Fri 21st – Test Shoot in my local park or local golf course
  • Mon 24th – Final shoot at Tregenna golf course (I will make any necessary changes to my plan if need be in the 2 days between the two photo shoots)
  • Thurs 27th – Photoshoot 2.
  • Tue 1st – Begin post production editing. (Posters)
  • Tue 8th – Begin creating Brochure
  • Tue 15th – Begin creation of 2.5d Ident
  • Wednesday 7th – Final day of post production editing.
  • Thursday 8th – Organise all work for hand in date.
  • Friday 9th – DEADLINE – Hand in work.


I will insert here a copy of the permission forms I will give to my model and the manager of the location I am using to be in my shoot. This is so that I am allowed to use the photos I take and will not have any legal trouble in the future when I have put all the effort in, it would be a real shame if parts of my project had to be withdrawn. This is possibly one of the most important aspects of my project as it gives you the security of knowing that you have legal permission to shoot locations and participants you need (as long as they agree)



I will be using a Nikon camera either borrowed from the college or from my friend. I may need to get a tripod as well I order to take shots in the exact same positions for the best results. I will be taking mainly close up shots but I may take a few long shots to use for my ident, but at this point in time my mind is set on using just close ups of the model for my print adverts to really show the idea of the show, but I must make sure I have another plan in case this one goes downhill. I need to have the model wearing average clothes they would normally wear, and maybe a cigarette, again implying the young ‘rebel’ demographic. Of course finally, I need golf equipment such as the clubs, ball and tee.


I have been looking at some of Kevin Murray’s work, I have provided a link to his website below if you would like to take a look yourself. Murray’s work tends to be primarily of golf landscapes and less of the portrait style photography, it looks like he may use equipment such as drones to take some of his shots as there is quite an aerial view on some of his shots. I have uploaded another blog post to talk about some other inspirations including Murray himself.



In this section, I am going to provide you some test shoots of what I am planning to do with the real models at the time. The model for my test shoot is going to be my friend dressed in a hoodie to represent the real model, and I am going to go to my local park with some golf clubs and get them to swing the club and stand in certain positions to see what looks best, so when it comes to shooting the real thing, I know exactly what to do so I save time and don’t need to go back once more.


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