Revolutions Planning


The Walking Dead – Season 7 Episode 1. For a fan of the show, this episode was potentially the most hyped yet intense episode ever out of the 99 episodes that have been made so far. The reasoning for this is due to the reveal of the latest villain Negan, and his sick yet satisfying act. A bit of background knowledge, the latest antagonist has been built up over the course of season 6 and was totally underestimated until it was 2 late, resulting in 2 of the most loved characters being beaten to death by a baseball bat whilst the others watched, being totally ripped of their strength and pride. Over the course of the next 8 episodes right up until the mid season finale, Rick (main protagonist) and his group have been subjects to Negan’s dictatorship and now work for him due to fear of death.

Image result for negan

But back to the season 7 premiere, the reason this episode was so intense was a lot down to the filming and post production editing which made it such a good watch. Camera angles such as extreme close ups and POV’s gave us a real sense of the emotion in the scene, at times it was hard to believe the actors were only pretending, it felt so real. The non-diegetic audio which has been placed in the scene also adds to the effect with low dull audio adding to the tense build-up of what is about to happen. Overall the scene was very intense and effective, it really did leave the majority of viewers shocked and speechless from what had just happened.


Actor Information –

Just like the rituals project, I need to obtain permission from any people or places so I have legal conformation to use them/the place for my project. I have obtained a screenshot of a message I sent to the main actor in my film and he has said he will act so I have permission to film him. As you will see, I also mentioned the fact that I will need him for a few hours over a few weekends and he was absolutely fine with it. I will obtain a professional permission document as extra proof of his permission. I will post the form being used below but the actual copy will be in paper form which I will hand in to my lecturer.


Time Schedule –

In any project, it is important to have a time schedule in any project. It mean you have deadlines which is important because If you don’t, there is no sense of a finish line or goal. This is a time schedule for the pre production stage of my project and if all goes to plan, these tasks will all be completed by Friday the 20th January (2 weeks time).


I have made some changes to my time schedule as having an exact date as to when I will complete each task isn’t working out as I have more work than I thought and pre production isn’t the main focus, as you can see I’ve decided to extend the time and not have a specific date as to when I will complete the task, just a specific week. The reason they are now all bunched up into roughly 2 weeks is because I can make any more changes if need be but now I have a longer timeline.


I will keep adding to this post over the coming weeks reflecting and explaining whether I have completed each task on time.

6/1/2017 – So far I have analysed the requirements of the brief on time and I have also created a PowerPoint ready to present my main idea on Wednesday 11th. The next steps for me on the pre-production stage is to find images and create a mood board.

10/1/2017 – Today I have made adjustments to the PowerPoint and begun looking at ideas for a mood board.

11/1/2017 – Today I have presented my powerpoint to my class and I am in the process of completing my mood boards. I am making 3 mood boards, 1 about digital revolution, another about gangs, and another about cyber bullying, all of which link to my film.

12/1/2017 – Today I did some more work on my mood boards and managed to finish them. I also learnt how to create diffused lighting in a photography studio.

17/1/2017 – Today in my first lesson I added some more scenes to the scene outline page in my one note.

18/1/2017 – Today I have developed the story board and I am beginning to create it with my partner Jack. I have also completed the script.

Scene 1 – Opening Scene

Rob is sat on a bench whilst the setting is established, a few wide angle shots of the surrounding area (a bench in the park) whilst robs phone is ringing. When Rob answers the phone it is a medium close up shot which pans up to his face from his feet so we get to see what he looks like. *Rob is talking to his mate about why he’s had a bad day, it is because he  had a bad day at college and just to top it off saw a bunch of loud teens on the bus on the way home (who turns out to be the gang) and starts chatting rubbish about them to his mate (not just rubbish but really nasty and dangerous things which would get in him in a lot of trouble if someone found out)* Whilst Rob is speaking on the phone, over shoulder, wide and medium length shots will take place.

Scene 2 – Introduction to the hacker

After hanging up the phone he receives a text from an anonymous number. It says something along the lines of ‘I know what you said about them teenagers on the bus’s and ‘I will show them that phone call if you don’t do this for me’. After this, Rob says ‘why would I do that?’ And the hacker explains the people he was talking about was a gang who are known to be violent. The hacker explains that Rob will be activated in the near future.

Rob starts to sweat and a few close up shots take place, along with eerie music to add to the atmosphere.

Scene 3 – Scene 3 presents the first choice, It is the next day and Rob is skating to pass time (happy music from headphones). He gets a text and instantly realizes that it is the hacker and he is being serious, he jumps off his board, Rob doesn’t seem bothered but that soon changes as he receives a picture of himself from a distance, he really begins to get nervous. The hacker tells him that there is a bag in the park which he isn’t allowed to open, and he must bring it to the drop off point.

Scene 4 – 

Option 1: Picks up the bag and takes it to the location. It then skips to the next scene which is a text from the hacker saying well done but he is not finished just yet.

Option 2: He doesn’t pick up the bag but looks in it and sees drugs or something and the scene skips to the next day which he is skating again and he receives a text from the hacker saying ‘you’ve made a bad decision…’. He is later stabbed or attacked by one of the gang members for the things he said about them. He dies in hospital meaning that is the end of the sequence.

Scene 5 –

Scene 5 follows on from when you choose option 1 as if you choose option 2, Rob dies in the next scene. The hacker then texts him saying he must break up with his girlfriend by simply saying ‘its over’. Rob texts back saying ‘why are you doing this to me?’ And the hacker responds ‘question me again and ill release pictures of her all over the internet’. Rob mutters to himself ‘does he really have pictures of my girlfriend?’ Making you question whether to pick option 1 or 2.

Scene 6 – 

Option 1: Texts his girlfriend saying ‘its over’ and she responds trying to figure out why and she’s upset which Rob cant respond and feels really bad.

Option 2: He doesn’t text and then checks whether the photos have been released and they haven’t, meaning the hacker is not as clever as he seems. Rob begins to question this and thinks he may be able to find out who the hacker is.

Option 1 outcome (scene 6a): If you chose option 1, you have obviously just broken Rob and his girlfriend up which is making Rob upset.  Rob goes and sits on the original bench he was sat on and receives another text from the hacker saying ‘your final task, you must break into ‘this address’ and steal £1000 worth of goods’. At this point Rob has hit breaking point and more close up shots reveal the nerves he is feeling.

If you decide to go and rob the house, our main character Rob will end up falling over and blacking out, he never wakes up as he will be killed as the persons house he robs is a psychopath, resulting in the ending of the film, this is number 1 of 4 endings.

If you decide not to go and rob the house, the hacker will text you saying ‘Good, you’re free’ Rob questions him saying why and the hacker responds ‘I wanted to see if you had guts’, this is the 2nd of 4 endings. (confused ending)

Option 2 outcome (scene 6b): If you decide not to make Rob break up with his girlfriend, he now knows the hacker is not as clever as he seems. Rob then goes and sits on the original bench he was sat on and looks back through the texts and realizes the hacker left location services on. It is now the viewers decision as to what happens next.

Will you notify the police of what’s been happening and tell them the hackers location? Resulting in an arrest and the 3rd possible ending.


Take matters into you own hands and end up finding the bank details of the hacker then releasing them to the world resulting in the 4th ending.

Storyboards –

This post is dedicated to the storyline of my film, it will feature storyboards to accompany each scene of my film which I am making with my partner Jack.

Scene 1  and 2:

storyboard scene 1.png

Scene 3 and 4 (4 is the outcome options):

storyboard scene 2.png

Scene 5:


Scene 6a (Follows on from breaking up with GirlfriendStory board page 4.jpg

Scene 6b (Follows on from not breaking up with Girlfriend)

Story board page 5.jpg

Script –

A lot of the speaking parts will just take place over texts so a lot of the emotions will be conveyed through noises such as ‘sighs’. Furthermore, the locations we will film in have all been assessed to make sure they are appropriate for the film to fit the specific genre and also to make sure it is safe and accessible for filming.

Do As You’re Told.



Rob is sat on a bench reviewing how his day went as his phone rings. The setting is established via some wide angle shots.



Rob answers the phone and the camera angles change to close ups. He begins to speak to one of his friends (which we do not hear) about how his day went, he is chatting rubbish about a violent person named Jake who is involved in a gang. He then hangs up.

(Detailed conversation is at the bottom of this post)

Receives text from anonymous.

Hacker – ‘ I know what you’ve said ‘

Rob – ‘ Who are you? ‘

Hacker – ‘ If you don’t do what I say, I am going to show Jake what you have been saying about him, you will receive a text once you have been activated ‘



Nervous Rob is shown through the camera angles changing to more close up shots, along with more agitated actions from him such as looking around

Rob – ‘ This is not good ‘ (looking around to see if anyone is watching)



Text received from hacker. Potential POV shot so it is easy to read what it being said on the text so the task is made clear to the viewer.

Hacker – ‘ There is a bag 50m from your location waiting to be picked up and taken to ‘this location’, look for the hoodie ‘

Rob (To himself) – ‘ The hoodie? ‘

Finds bag and viewer makes decision whether to take or leave the bag.



Later on in the evening. Text received from hacker.

Hacker – ‘ You have made a bad decision ‘

Rob heads home after skating and is stabbed by Jake on the way home, he later dies in the next scene.



Bag is dropped to the desired location.

Rob – ‘ Now what? ‘

Hacker –  ‘ You are not done yet. Text your Girlfriend and break up with her. Any funny business and I release pictures of her to the entire internet. ‘

Rob – (To himself) ‘ Does he really have pictures of my girlfriend? ‘



Rob sends text to girlfriend.

Rob – ‘ (To himself) what a mess. ‘

Hacker – ‘ Your next task is to rob £1000 worth of goods from ‘this location ‘

Rob – ‘ begins getting very worked up and nervous ‘


Rob falls and blacks out whilst stealing goods.

Wakes up and is stabbed by a psychopath as it was his house.


Text received from hacker.

Hacker – ‘ You’re free ‘

Rob – ‘ Why? ‘

Hacker – ‘ I wanted to see if you had guts ‘




Rob checks Facebook to see if photos have been released and they haven’t.

Rob – ‘ He isn’t as clever as he seems ‘

Rob notices that the hacker left his location services on.


Hacker arrested in next scene.



Rob finds and releases bank details of the hacker.


Phone Conversation Script

For this part of the movie we have a 40 second long clip of Rob on his phone. However when filming we told our actor to just make it look like he was talking by holding the phone up to his ear but making sure his back was always turned on the camera the whole time. We need to now record a conversation which is roughly 40 seconds and add it to the clip to imply that he was talking, to make this easy for ourselves we are going to use this script so when we record the conversation it looks legitimate.

Rob answers phone

Rob – Hello?

James – Hello mate how are you?

Rob – I’m good thanks, you?

James – Yeah I’m good, how was your day you seem down?

Rob – Just a rough day at college, and to top it all off, I saw that guy who’s in that gang and wow is he pathetic, he goes around like he owns the place when really he wouldn’t do any of the things he says. Even I could take him in a fight, he just really annoys me, he’s such a waste of space.

James – Wow you really must’ve had a bad day, I wouldn’t put anything past him if I’m honest, he seems really tough.

Rob – Ah well, never mind life goes on, just don’t want another day like that for a while.

James – Okay mate well I’m here if you need to chat, I’ve got to go now I’m looking after my little brother.

Rob – Okay mate see you later

James – Bye

Interactive Option Screens –

An Interactive Option Screen is the screen that shows you when a decision needs to be made.  It gives you the choice to pick the option you want to see unfold and how it effects the story. The layout will say something along the lines of ‘You decide’ with 2 or more boxes underneath explaining the choice such as ‘take the knife’ and ‘don’t take the knife’ along with a link to that part of the story.

As you know if you have been reading my blog posts, the options in my film are:

  • Take the bag / Don’t take the bag
  • Break up with your girlfriend / Don’t break up with you girlfriend
  • Burgle a house / Don’t burgle a house
  • Tell Police / Take into your own hands

I am in the process of planning and making my Interactive Option Screens and I am sketching out designs on paper which I obviously cannot show you on here, therefore I will just upload the finished product(s) at the time. For now, here is a basic template as to what they will look like. We are yet to choose which one we will use, however we may end up using both. If you happen to see this post within the next few days, please leave a comment as to which screen you prefer.



I am fully aware that the text on the first option screen is slightly off point and needs to be a little more left. Other than that I really like the simplicity of this option screen yet the message it conveys is meaningful. What I mean by this is, if you were to look at the both of these images without knowing anything about our project, you would still associate them with hackers due to the ‘Matrix’ style numbers floating down the screen and the hacker sat using a computer, furthermore, if you’re a gamer and a fan of the hacking game ‘Watch Dogs’, you will notice we used the same font as the game to convey the hacking theme.


The second design is a little more colourful and complex, however only slightly and I believe this image looks just as good as the first one. We may end up using both images even though the main idea was to just use one of the final designs as it may cause confusion, however these images are so similar that I don’t think it will matter if we were to use the both of them.

Filming Shoot –

The first filming shoot will take place on Friday the 27th of January after 13:30 since this is the right amount of time for us to get home and prepare the equipment needed for the first shoot.

Although we have 3 weeks to film which seems like a lot, we need to realise that we are only really able to film on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as they are the days which suit us and our cast.

As previously mentioned, the first shoot will take place on Friday the 27th at about 13:30. We will be filming the first two scenes which involves filming in the local park. Within these two scenes there is a night time scene but we will film this at a later date with the other night scenes.

31/01/2017 –

We were unable to film on the 27th as my partner who I am working with was not feeling well and had tonsillitis. Fortunately, we haven’t been set back too much as we can put extra effort in to film this weekend. We were only planning on filming 1 scene on that weekend anyway.

02/02/2017 –

And update for our filming plan tomorrow – We are going to get back from college at around 12:30. Then we will meet our actor at 13:00 at the park which is only 1 minute away from our houses. From then on we will record from scene 1 to half/all of scene 5 and maybe a bit of scene 6. This means if all goes to plan we will cover two out of four options given (do/don’t break up with girlfriend – take/don’t take the bag) meaning the following week, we can just film the other options and continue the editing process. This filming session should last from 13:00 to about 15:30 meaning the light will begin to darken, therefore next week we need to film the rest of the scenes from around 15:00 so the film looks realistic.

03/02/2017 –

Currently, the south west of England where I am is facing extreme stormy weather, today it has non stop rained since I woke up at 7 and it is now 11. If this rain does not stop, filming will not take place today, it will be moved to the 4th providing the weather is more suitable. The reason we cannot film in these extreme conditions is due to the fact that our equipment will most likely break and the weather is meant to clear up soon, meaning half of the film will be in rain and the other half overcast or sun, and considering the film will only be around 4 minutes long this will look silly.

As mentioned, this shoot will consist of filming the introduction scene and all the way up until the part of the story just before Rob is required to burgle a house, so we will be covering two of 4 interactive options in this shoot.



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