Revolutions Presentation

This Blog post will contain all the presentations and ideas for my film, including mood boards and visual timelines.

Ideas for my Video.

As mentioned in the mind map, I think I am going to do a project which involves social and dark realities of British life. The reason for this is due to the potential creativity that coincides with it and the multiple outcomes it could serve. For example if I did gangs as a topic, the outcomes could range from death/prison and if the gang did not cross paths with the character they could become successful and rich.


A little while later…

A Plot Summary is a concise few sentences to determine the plot of a movie or short film. It features very basic and background information of the story such as characters names and the basic idea of what will happen to them, leaving you curios making you watch the film. An example of an existing plot summary – Black Mirror Season 3 – ‘Shut Up and Dance’

When withdrawn Kenny (Alex Lawther) stumbles headlong into an online trap, he is quickly forced into an uneasy alliance with shifty Hector (Jerome Flynn) – both at the mercy of persons unknown. (

Some potential plot summaries for my interactive film.


Growing up in a rough area, a young boy has the chance to complete initiation and get into a gang for safety, or make his own path to a more successful life, which path will you choose? Every decision matters.


A teenager is pressured into taking some illegal drugs, all of which have certain outcomes leaving him in lots of trouble, how will he clear things up?

Social Media:

An anonymous hacker has obtained information on James which if released, will put him in danger in some way. In order to stop this from happening, James has to complete a group of risky tasks set by the hacker, will he be able to do it?

These are all ideas for my short film which can be made interactive through YouTube, meaning the viewer is the person who makes the decisions and determines the outcome.

Coming back to this post, Ive made a decision that I think I’m going to go ahead with. My strongest idea so far is that I will combine both Gangs and the idea of blackmailing on social media. I will do this by having a gang member threaten the main character into doing things for him or he will be killed.

Final Plot Summary – Rob becomes the victim of both cyber blackmail and gang involvement, how will he escape this trap which grows deeper and deeper? You decide.

Presentation for Revolutions

These are some mood boards which contain images relating to the idea of digital revolutions and then the idea of cyberbullying and gangs, these are here to represent the theme of my film. The cyber bullying mood board contains images from one of the main inspirations for this idea which is the TV series Black Mirror, the specific episode which inspired me is called ‘Shut Up and Dance’.




Final Mood board


This is a visual representation of the aspects viewed in my story. As you can see, I am exploring gangs, cyber bullying/blackmail and of course the aspect of choice which is the interactive part. In just a few weeks time I will be linking the finished project on a blog post so you can see how I have included these certain aspects.





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