Interactive Media Assignment

Interactive media refers to services on computer systems which respond to the user’s actions by presenting content such as text, moving image, animation, video, audio, and video games. They can also refer to a type of interactive short films which I am sure some of you may have seen on YouTube. These videos consist of short films which the viewer can pick the overall outcome of the story by selecting different options through out.

Below are two examples of interactive media used successfully to advertise a product or company. These are very successful methods of advertising as it draws in the public and it gives them a chance to get involved. For such a long time advertising has just been visual, but now you can actually get involved it is much more exciting and appealing. One of the risks of interactive media is that a lot of people don’t like the interactive side, the fact they have to get up (sometimes out of their comfort zone) and do something isn’t as appealing to them as just sitting down relaxing and enjoying the content for what it is. This term is also known as ‘Traditional Media’ (Newspapers, radios, television etc.) The definition for Traditional Media is ‘television, radio, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, tax press and other print publications.’

Scion Interactive Window Campaign – Monster Media – Scion Toyota

Interactive window Orange – Orange

Another type of media is ‘New Media’ (means of mass communication using digital technologies such as the Internet.) I believe new media is the stepping stone between Traditional media and Interactive media. The reason I believe this is because it uses the internet and technology, but it still doesn’t hold that interactive side so it cannot be classed as interactive media and traditional media as it isn’t a traditional method such as using newspapers (however this is arguable as newspapers can be obtained through the internet)

Interactive Videos are a little different to Interactive Advertising. Videos are for entertainment or educational purposes for example ‘Choose A Different Ending: start‘. This is a film for an educational purpose and shows us different endings depending on what happens with the characters story line, it is basically showing the viewers (aimed at young people) not to get involved with crime whist making it interactive as they get to pick the options. Another negative about these styles of videos is that some people who may have watched it will have been so absorbed by the choices that they don’t understand the meaning, they just watch the video and try and get the worst outcome for fun and completely bypass the actually meaning behind the story.

Technical problems are common in interactive media if the project hasn’t been planned properly. For my video, I will be uploading it to my YouTube channel and adding on-screen annotations with links to the next part of the story so that when it is complete and publicised, the viewers can watch the story unfold and pick the options they please by clicking on an onscreen option which will lead to a certain time in the video and the next part of the story. Here is an example of my first test interactive video I made.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 15.57.46.png

If the on screen annotation process isn’t followed properly, the story can completely mess up. For example if in the film someone has the choice to either take the knife or leave the knife, and the viewer picks the leave the knife option, but you link the next clip wrong so that it skips to a later part of the story which has nothing to do with the previous scene whatsoever then your film will obviously look terrible from such a small mistake. Another issue with interactive media is that it is a much longer process in general as it requires much more planning and production than just a basic poster, however it tends to be much more successful than posters if made correctly and effectively.

Narrative problems to consider in an interactive video are aspects such as believable storyline, especially for my film. If the story is to drastic and unbelievable then viewers will comment on it and say how the narrative should’ve been made more realistic, for example in my film, there is a hacker who threatens to get the protagonist beaten up, so if the protagonist went ahead with tasks such as killing someone just to avoid getting beaten up it isn’t believable, so I changed the options of the movie to be more realistic such as taking a bag somewhere, and breaking up with a girl. This is something that in real life would make you nervous but its still better than getting seriously beaten up. Another issue that can arise with the narrative is that if you do not plan your story well enough you may forget to film certain scenes, for example if there are 3 different outcomes to a certain scene it is quite easy to forget to film one due to the fact the outcomes will all take place after the scene prior.









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