Wonderland Evaluation of Final Products

When working, whatever your situation may be, it is crucial to evaluate the processes and stages you go through to see how you’re doing and more importantly see how you can improve. evaluation is more crucial in some fields such as the media industry than, my reasoning for this is due to the fact that if you’re doing my type of work (promotional material) you need to constantly question yourself as to if your work is good enough, because it is going out to advertise a product to a target audience which could be any number of people, from a small party invitation to an advertising campaign for a festival.

I’ve made small evaluations during the project as you will see scattered through out various other blog posts. But this post is dedicated to evaluating the finished outcomes of my product and a little bit about how I got to that stage. All photographs were taken by me.

When handed this brief I approached it with great excitement. I had this idea of creating and promoting a festival in the back of my mind from the get go. I knew that I could take this brief and turn it into something truly creative, so thats what I’ve done. Ive really enjoyed these last few months of college building up for summer, the brief has been very flexible in allowing the lot of us to turn what we love into something creative and get qualifications for it!

The research process for me consisted of going out and taking a lot of photographs, and also looking into how other festivals have been promoted through websites and posters etc. After obtaining lots of photos of the beach and countryside, I began to visualise what I wanted my posters to look like, and how they needed to link together so the whole campaign fitted together like a puzzle. From this I was then able to create these posters themselves.

Line – Up Poster

This poster is my favourite of the 3 I made because I feel as if it looks realistic, if this festival was a real event and was to take place I think this poster has the potential to be the official representative to the festivals line up. Although it may look complex, If you take away the acts, it is very basic and I think that is why I take such a liking to it.  The simplicity of the background image offers the audience an idilic location they can dream of visiting while listening to the bands. It features little design, just the colours, a couple of fonts that work well together, along with a background picture and a list of acts positioned in the right place and then along comes this piece of work which I’m fairly proud of.  The colour themes I have used are those associated with escaping to a desert island. A utopia which anyone would surely want to visit, the fact they can be at this place and see these bands live is surely something to grab their attention.

Poster 1

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.13.31

Poster 1 V2

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 09.47.12.png

As you can see, this poster has two forms, however the second one is an improved version of the first one in my opinion. I wasn’t sure about the orange colour as it didn’t have the synergy between the rest of the posters. So I changed the colour and positioning of a few things and now I feel like it looks much better, and fits with the rest of the promotional material. I did like the original poster but it just stood out far too much from the other 2 posters and website template. This poster may look really basic, but to be honest that is the idea, it isn’t meant to hold too much detail as its something you’d see whilst driving, or on a wall somewhere whilst you pass through. If you were interested then you’d look further into it. I think it stands out fairly well though, especially after I’ve made the changes to the colour scheme and positioning of the text.

Website Template

My website takes a simple form, much like my posters. Once again, I like it this way. If my festival was exploring modern arts and creativity etc. I would’ve added more colours into my campaign, however it is simply a music festival with surfing and a few other events, hence the colour blue is present a lot to represent the sea. Glastonbury is known to be a bit wild and some of the people who go are referred to as ‘hipster’. This isn’t the idea of mine, just by looking at the colour scheme on this poster advertising Glastonbury you can tell it is a little wacky, There is no real routine stand out colour.  I also wanted this poster to look like a typical summer time utopia. By this I mean images from the beach, alcohol, sun etc. An Example of the kind of summery vibe I was going for can be seen in the music video for ‘I Got U’ by Duke Dumont. Watch this and then you’ll understand the style I am trying to bring across in these posters and website design and hopefully think so too.

Image result for glastonbury

I took inspiration from the Boardmasters festival website since that is the main inspiration for my festival altogether. As previously mentioned I also took all the photos for my website template (as well as posters) so almost everything you see on these pieces of work was made from scratch.


This poster is my favourite out of all the work I’ve produced, this may come as a surprise to some, but I just love how it looks. The colours in the original photograph mixed with specific editing and the texts that have been added in just make everything fit together. It just perfectly sums up what I want for this festival. Not literally ‘a fire on the beach with some beers’ but more so the feeling you get from looking at this. It looks dreamy and relaxing, it looks like my idea of utopia.

So there we have it, my Billboard, Print Ad, Line – Up Poster and Website Template. All holding synergy with each other to promote Wonderland, a music festival on the Cornish coast. Through out this final unit I have learnt many new skills. These skills will help me through out my career in media. I have learnt how to use Photoshop to a better standard, which is crucial to me as graphic design is my main interest in terms of the media industry, that or filming. I have also learnt how to Harvard reference all the books and websites I’ve used through out this project which is another great skill to have in the future. I haven’t really learnt many new skills this project as I picked something I felt I was strong in (so I could do well) meaning I didn’t need to use other programmes such as Premier which I am not as confident with using.


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