Research & Planning

When doing my pitch, I gave both my class and the other class question sheets to answer so I could obtain results and see how well I did in terms of my presentation skills and my idea itself. Each question as you will see is out of a total score of 100, meaning I had 20 peoples feedback who could rate me from 1-5 on each question (1 being bad 5 being good).

Q1 – Evidence of problem solving?

As you can see from this first chart representing the data for ‘evidence of problem solving?’ you can see that the number of 3’s is highest, almost half in fact. I feel that people put this because I didn’t really talk about problems as I didn’t actually have many at this stage because all id done so far is decide my idea for the project.


Q2 – Considered a number of possible projects, after made a decision on the best one.

I was considering 2 possible projects, one being a short film, the other being an advertising campaign. I decided to choose an advertising campaign as I wanted a break from the film side of media, I then mentioned that I had to choose between and event or festival which I chose festival. I explained this pretty well in my pitch but like everything you can always go into greater detail which is probably where the 3’s and 2’s came from.


Q3 – Creativity and flare in the presentation?

I believe the reason I did fairly well on this section was due to the creativity of my project, it wasn’t so much me being creative in the way I was speaking, but the fact I’m doing an advertising campaign for a made up festival gives me the freedom to be as creative as I like, there are no limits I really get to show my idea of wonderland even when it comes down to what bands attend the festival.


Q4 – Strong ideas and enthusiastic about the direction I want to go in?

As previously mentioned, I knew from pretty much the beginning that I knew the direction I wanted to go in and I was definitely enthusiastic about it because it was getting me excited for summer and all the festivals I’m going to attend. The 2 people who gave me 3’s obviously didn’t catch on to my excitement which is totally fine but that’s why I feel that these results aren’t always accurate, maybe they weren’t paying much attention.


Q5 – Researched the subject area?

If you look into my project proposal blog post, you’ll see the amount of research I put into existing festivals, its the longest section of the post. the strong score of 4’s and 5’s show this, the low scores are maybe from those who didn’t see this research as very useful, but majority wins and I feel I’ve done well in this section, I will keep in mind the low scores but I’m not really bothered.


Q6 – Do my ideas meet the criteria of the brief?

It is good to know that my idea fits what the brief is asking (according to the people in my class and my lecturers). It is reassuring because it means I can continue with what I have planned instead of having to change my idea because it doesn’t fit the brief, this would’ve set me back by around a week or so which is time I cant really afford to lose as I’m going to be away for two weeks of this unit as it is.


Q7 – Do my ideas fit the theme ‘Wonderland’?

A couple more people thinking that my idea ‘doesn’t really’ fit the theme wonderland than those who said it fitted the brief. I believe this is simply because of personal preference. There are a lot of personalities in our groups and those who said it doesn’t really fit the theme wonderland most likely have a different perception of what wonderland is.


Q8 – Did I discuss target audience?

I briefly touched upon target audience, which surprises me as to how many good votes I got on this question. I would’ve thought because I only mentioned it briefly that id get a low score but the way the question is worded suggests that as long as I discussed it somewhere I deserve a score of 5. I would’ve scored myself lower on this question but at least I did mention it.


Q9 – How do you feel my project will meet the expectations of the target audience?

The majority voted that I will meet the expectations of the target audience, I agree with this because of the fact that my target audience is 16+ and the people in the room I pitched to are all 16+. The idea of a music festival in summer probably appealed to all of them just as much as it appeals to me. I’m happy with the score of this question although I thought I may have gotten more 5’s.


Q10 – How good would you rate the test product?

My test product was put together in about 30 minutes. I don’t think anyone was expecting an amazing score on this question, I certainly wasn’t. I’m happy with this score to be honest as its generally good, although there are quite a few 3’s I don’t mind because the high numbers make up for it. Its great to know that my peers liked my test product, these results will definitely reflect on how my promotional material turns out.


I’ve also made a Bar Chart to represent the total number of points for each question to have an overview to look at instead of going through each of these pie charts all the time, it is helpful to have an overview of what was good and what was not so good in my presentation.


Ive been looking at these results and in general I’m happy with how my project proposal went. I tallied up my results on paper also (which will feature in my sketch book) and out of a total 1000 points I managed to get 801 as you can see (4/5) meaning on the whole my pitch was successful. I cannot totally rely on these results due to the fact that a lot of the people in my group probably didn’t put a great deal of thought into my proposal feedback as they were worried about how their own would go (I was the first of both groups to pitch my idea). Furthermore, the standard of professionalism wasn’t to high, simply because we are in college and although our lecturers wanted it to be this way, no matter how hard you try you cant act professional in the setting we were in at the time, so I feel like a few of my peers were just trying to be friendly looking at these high 4 and 5 statistics. Overall I’m pleased with this research, it is useful to me and will continue to be through out all 4 stages of this project. I can refer back to it at certain points over the next few weeks for example when I’m evaluating my work I can look at where I was a the beginning stages of the project.

Festival Research


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.16.07

Upon entering the boardmasters website, this image is the first thing you see, the first thing i noticed in this image is the surfer who stands out a lot due to the colour scheme of the picture compared to the rest of the surrounding area. The colour scheme tends to be a light sandy colour, which is obviously linking with the location of the festival. In terms of information, links to all the important information surrounding the festival are right in front of you within a clicks reach. Positioning of this different information needs to all be taken into account. The top of this page seems to be dedicated to a quick outline as to what the festival is. If you were to click on this for the first time and see this page, you would know that it is a ‘surf and music festival on the cornish coast’ even if the text wasn’t there to indicate this. The music acts also show the size and popularity of the festival as these are some pretty big names.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.16.26

Scrolling down just a little, we can see that the top bar with all the information we need has followed us down the page and continues to do so right down to the bottom. This next area of the site is mainly promotional I believe due to what each box is about. However the surfing is maybe less of a promotional aspect but more of an insight as to what the festival holds. I believe the ‘2016 After movie’ Is in a great position here, due to the fact that if you have just looked at the top acts and the words ‘surf and music festival on the cornish coast’ the next thing you’d see by scrolling down is the 2016 after movie, giving you the best sense of what the festival holds, by watching it you could determine wether you’d want to go or not.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.16.53

Moving further on down the page, we can see more detail into what the festival has to offer. Ranging from map information to the music lineup, everything we need to know is just a link away. One thing I’ve noticed so far is that the website isn’t too overpowering, there isn’t much writing on the homepage which is good as the information on the homepage is only basic but still gives you a good picture of what the festival holds.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.17.04

Moving swiftly on right too the bottom of the page (with the heading bar still following us) we can see this is the area of the page where the sponsors are featured, if you were not interested in the festival at first glance then you wouldn’t of even made it down this far, but if you took an interest and came all the way to the bottom, there is even more information as to how to find out more and get involved with the festival for example if you were looking to get free tickets or work there.

Looking at just the first page, the link to buying tickets and the line up is mentioned 4 times. This is key information to keep in mind when I’m designing my own webpage. I will take into account each and every aspect of this website and include it in my own so I can create the best advertising campaign possible.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.35.44

As you can see, Ive clicked on the ‘Line-Up’ link and it has taken me to a neat list of the acts and the different days they’re on. The colour scheme remains basic but still holds the sandy colour ultimately linking to the beach and location of the festival.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.35.59

As well as a neat line up list, you can select ‘Line-Up Poster’ which shows a nicely designed poster with the acts listed in a different manor with a more appealing colour scheme. With the more popular acts in bigger writing presumably showing us that they will be headlining the festival.


Tunes in the dunes is on a much smaller scale than board masters, or at least it was last year, this year I believe it is expanding, since I do not know as much about this festival I will not rely on the information and positioning of different information as I’m less aware of the scale of it etc. However I will still use the information wisely and keep it in mind, as I want my festival to be on the same sort of scale in terms of acts and size as it would be unrealistic if a huge festival such as Glastonbury was to just pop out of nowhere especially in Cornwall.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.59.39Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.59.55Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.00.12

Much like the Boardmasters website, this website features the same sort of layout in terms of a hint to the line up at the top, followed by different promotional work and information underneath. This website also features that same bar on the top of the screen that follows you down to the bottom. Behind the line up you can see an image of a crowd and a band performing on a stage, this actually is a video of the band plying to give us a hint as to what the festival may be like. Social media links feature along the top bar also to attract people to follow them and increase the audience.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.00.23Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.00.30

The layout of this website is pretty much the exact same as the board masters one in terms of layout. The colour scheme is different yet remains the same sort of idea, keep it simple and only use a few colours which in this case is different shades of purple, orange and also black.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.14.29Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.14.52Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.15.07

Upon clicking on the lineup, it is a little different to the Boardmasters one. I believe this is because Tunes in the Dunes is trying to promote the new amount of stages etc, people aren’t familiar with this so when clicking on the line up they probably just expect to see the one stage instead of new stages being added. Next year when the demographic is familiar with more than one stage the line up will probably look different and feature only the lineup list. A Spotify playlist is then underneath this section followed by all the acts underneath with links to more information surrounding them.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 10.38.48

These are the sponsorships towards board masters. Having looked at other festival sponsors from much larger festivals such as Coachella and Reading and leeds, You can really see how relevant the sponsors are to the style of festival. There are multiple surf sponsors and cornish alcohol sponsors to this festival, which would make sense as both of these will be seen a lot on the weekend. Furthermore, Radio X has a sponsor which I will take into account as having a radio station sponsoring your event will give you a lot of publicity.

The sponsorships I’ve chosen to include in my final posters:

  • Legacy Co: My friends clothing line which evolved around his passion for sports such as scootering and skating.
  • BBC Radio 1: Probably the most popular British Radio station, they tend to go to all sorts of festivals and are not just engaged with the most famous of bands and events, they have a stage at Reading and Leeds specifically dedicated to up and coming artists named the ‘BBC Introducing Stage’.
  • Cornish Orchard: A local cider brewing company based in cornwall, this company attends many cornish based festivals such as Boardmasters and Tunes in the Dunes, hence I believe there are the perfect sponsor for my festival. It is always good to use a local sponsor as it builds their name and also gives people who visit Cornwall exactly what they want, a taste of what life is like here.
  • Animal: An extremely popular surf clothing line providing all sorts of apparel ranging from T-shirts to wetsuits, as well as all the necessities needed to surf. Perfect for my festival and the events it will include.
  • Corona Extra: Corona Extra is also a sponsor of Boardmasters, but even if it wasn’t this is still the alcohol I would choose to represent my festival as I feel like it gives off a summery vibe, maybe this is just because I’ve seen it so much around this time from my experience of Boardmasters. I also feel that it is more classy than a can of Carlsberg or something of that style.

Photographer Inspiration JAMES BRIDLE

James Bridle is a photographer who shoots many photos ranging from landscapes to music festivals, I’ve been looking at some of his festival work and he explains that he is really intrigued by the moment of when the music drops, the emotion and buzz of the crowd all being captured in one moment. His ideology seems to be more about capturing the moment and less about promoting a band. ASHLEY OSBORN

Ashley Osborn on the other hand, shoots different bands (tends to be rock bands) from their perspective, the stage looking onto the crowd. Or from below the stage looking up. Her main idea seems to be to shoot the band and in a way that shows you how they perform and to promote them, presumably because this is the main reason she would’ve been hired anyway. She does a good job at doing so as if you look at some of her photos they really convey the nature of the bands performance.

I’ve been researching into a couple more photographers, one goes by the name of Richard Long, he tends to photograph a lot of British landscapes which I’ve seen in his book called ‘A Walk Across England’. Like you’d expect judging from the title, he takes photos from the west coast to the east coast of England all within the range of 11 days. I believe his work is about capturing England’s most natural, rural and beautiful areas without exaggerating them in any way, he wants to convey the beauty of the country. I can tell that this is Longs main idea because of the fact that he even took photos of cow poo on the road, capturing the moments you wouldn’t see on a ‘holiday to England’ advertisement. The reason his work appeals to me is due to the fact that I grew up in the south west of England so I recognise the rural country lanes and it brings me that nostalgic feeling of my childhood. All of the photos in this book seem to have no alteration to them and all seem to be taken in the most natural way possible. No artificial light or major changes to the cameras settings to convey the pictures in a certain way, the images are all natural, which adds to the main idea of his style of photography in this book, as previously mentioned he wanted to capture the natural beauty of England’s coastlines and midlands.

In my project, I am probably going to edit and make a lot of changes to my photos in order to make them look successful to advertise a festival, but the reason Richard Longs work inspired me is due to his skill at taking landscapes and making these photos look so ‘in the moment’. This is exactly what I want to make my photos look like, so when someone looks at my posters, they feel like that is the moment they will be involved in.

On the weekend the 25th I went out and attempted to take photos in the style of Richard Long to gain some experience in the way he takes his photos.


As you can see these photos are all of natural surroundings, representing the areas natural beauty with no artificiality to it. This is the sort of style I want to go for in my images, just a fire on the beach with friends or anything to connote a festival that looks natural, as I will not be able to take photos at festivals and use them because the festivals I  like to attend aren’t until the summer break.

Information Around my Festival

It will take place on the weekend the 17th – 20th (Thursday to Sunday), this is an appropriate time as it is in the middle of the summer holidays meaning my target audience will be off college/university. Also there will be no music on the Thursday night, only a few DJ’s, the Friday, Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to music.

The festival will take place in an area just north of Padstow where there are lots of fields and space for the camping areas and stages to go, furthermore, Padstow is a short walk away and the beach is also a few minutes walk, which perfectly represents the idea of ‘A Festival on the Cornish Coast’.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 11.17.13.png

Since this festival is new, and putting location and space into consideration this festival isn’t going to be huge on its first time. however the predicted amount of people to attend is 40000 across the whole weekend, meaning the music acts will need to be worthy of the time frame they are assigned to play, what I mean by this is that I can’t put a small cornish band on the headlining spot then have a popular band playing a small set in the day.

This brings me onto my next point, the tickets for this festival will be £135 for the 4 day weekend. Im not going to go too much into pricing of the bands as this is a whole another project in itself, my main aim is to create successful promotional material. As long as the bands that play are realistic according to certain aspects that I’ve mentioned like location and ticket price then its fine. I know fully well that this festival may seem unrealistic to have such a large following on its first run but as mentioned that is not what I’m getting at, this unit is about my wonderland so I feel its okay to be a little unrealistic.

There will be 3 stages in the main arena and then across the campsites there will be a couple of large tents in which DJ sets can take place through out the night and especially on Thursday night. The ‘Main Stage’ is where the biggest acts play. ‘The Sunset Stage’ is another stage inside a huge tent much like the NME Stage at Reading and Leeds which will also feature many bands but not as popular as those on the main stage, and finally the ‘Riot’ tent which is again, a large tent featuring more grime artists and electronic music.

Looking at other festivals the line up seems to be fairly in depth, with many acts through out the days and as the days go on the acts get better and better the later it gets. Ill take this into consideration when creating my line up. Ive made a basic template to fill in with all the acts which will feature in my sketchbook.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 11.48.50

There will be more to this festival than just music. Extra events such as surfing and skating will also feature, however for the time being I’m just focusing on the line up, I can add in these extra details to fill space on the final cut. There will be disabled access at the festival site for those whom it may concern.

This  section of the blog post is dedicated to giving credit to those who’ve helped and inspired me through out this unit. I will be using Harvard reference to show where I got the information from as It is the most appropriate and clear way to do so I believe.

Long, R. (1997). A Walk Across England. London. Thames & Hudson. 192 pages.

Boardmasters. 2017. Boardmasters. Available at:

Tunes in the Dunes. 2017. Available at:



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