Production Log

Week 1

This week I have produced the ‘Project Proposal’ Blog post which I will be pitching to my class next week. The post includes elements of research as well as an introduction to the unit and my initial ideas for the project. I will insert a short snippet of the explanation of my idea and my test product here:

So far, my idea consists of some sort of advertising campaign for an event/festival in the summer time. My reasoning for this is due to the fact its what fits in my idea of what wonderland is, summer, festivals, sunny weather. It reminds me of what an amazing summer I had last year and will excite me as well as make me want to produce great work. Not only this, but little factors such as this unit takes place over the spring and summer meaning it fits the time of year and weather, it will be easier to obtain typical festival pictures for my adverts such as being on the beach with beers etc. I’m planning on using a range of different types of media for my project. Primarily I will make promotional posters (probably 2-3). I will also make the template of a website. I am also considering making a short 10 second video advert.

My initial thoughts of this unit is that I know I’m going to thoroughly enjoy it. As you know, the summer time, and festivals is my idea of wonderland, and I’ve always thought in my head what it would be like to create my own festival and what bands I would have playing there etc, so I thought to myself, why not just do it for my final unit in college and get graded on it! We have been given the opportunity to create whatever we desire for our final unit which I feel is great as it means we are doing this work because we want to and not because we have to. I have done a little research into festivals both first hand research by going to a range of festivals and experiencing the feel of it, yet also looking into how the websites are designed to fit the main theme of the festival itself.

Wonderland test product screenshot

Week 2

This week I pitched my idea to both my class and the other media group on Tuesday 21st March (my pitch was the ‘Project Proposal’ blog post). From this Ive gathered feedback from all those who I pitched to and gained there honest feedback, which I’m generally happy with. I tallied up my results on paper (which will feature in my sketch book) and out of a total 1000 points I managed to get 801 (4/5) meaning on the whole my pitch was successful. I will also interpret these results onto a graph which can be put in my blog for you all to see. I cannot totally rely on these results due to the fact that they are not totally reliable, a lot of the people in my group probably didn’t put a great deal of thought into my proposal feedback as they were worried about how their own would go (I was the first of both groups to pitch my idea). From this feedback, I will be sure to improve on a number of different aspects of my project:

  • Try and explain to people how my idea fits the theme of ‘Wonderland’, this may be difficult as everyone’s idea of wonderland is different, but this is the main reason as to why I’m not really bothered about it. I know that it will appal to those who take enough interest to look into it.
  • Discuss Target Audience – I only briefly touched upon target audience, which sometimes I feel is all thats necessary, especially with something like a festival, it is your choice if you want to go depending on if the music style is right for you. My festival will feature a lot of bands that target a lot of younger people, however that doesn’t mean older people are forbidden from going, if it suits them, then of course they can go!
  • When asked to rate my test product, I received a majority score of 3, which is not too bad but also not too good. I believe this is because of how basic it was, it only took me around 30 minutes and the colour schemes it featured didn’t fit very well. I will be sure to spend a lot longer on the real one, taking into account every aspect from positioning to colour schemes.

I have also finished part of the ‘Project Proposal’ forms for UAL which I will finish next week. These forms are basically a few questions which need to be answered by myself about this unit and what I’m doing.

Week 3 + 4 (Easter Holidays)

In the Easter holidays, I managed to do more research and take some more test shots. I now know exactly where and how I’m going to take my final photos and this will take place on the weekend of the week beginning the 17/04/17. I originally planned to do a lot of work over these two weeks, however other commitments such as work got in the way, this is not a problem though, it just means I will have to get on with more work over the two weeks I’m on holiday in Florida. This may be both taking photos and/or editing, either of which will benefit me as the weather will be perfect for my photos, and I will be able to access Photoshop, the only issue with taking photos out there is that I need to find a place looking similar to what you’d see on the Cornish coast which may be an issue in Orlando. As mentioned, I did actually manage to take some test shots which featured in the style of Richard Long. I will insert them below so you can look at them, they are also on my research and planning post. These pictures were taken near Zennor at around 2 o clock on a Wednesday when the sun is at its brightest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The reason I went here to take the photos is to capture the natural beauty of Cornwall. Although my main images will not be in the countryside, they will be on Cornwall’s other best feature, the beaches. Richard Long has inspired me by showing the natural beauty of the UK and I am doing the same, however I’m trying to promote a cornish festival.

Week 5

This week I have accomplished a number of goals. First of all, I’ve managed to shoot photos which I can use for my website template and my line up poster. I still need photos for my promotional posters, but I will obtain them this weekend (22/04/17) as it is a perfect time to have a fire in the sunset, I’ve checked the weather and its looking good enough.

weather for shoot weekend 2

I’ve also managed to complete a number of blog posts and use Harvard Referencing to show the range information sources I’ve used, but also to show other types of media platforms I’ve used.

Next week (WB – 24/04/17) I will begin to create my final posters and website template. Depending on the weather this weekend I may also record a short set of video clips in order to make a short teaser trailer. I will be going out and taking my final photos this weekend ready to start the following Monday.

Week 6

25/04/17 – Today I have started and finished my Line – Up poster which you can see below. I managed to take a wide range of photos of the sunset and my idea of ‘a fire on the beach with a few beers’, meaning tomorrow I can continue on and make probably 2 posters which will be advertising the festival itself. I may potentially need photos of fields to represent the camping section on the website but I might get away with using a copyright free image or nothing at all. Im really proud of this piece of work. I love the synergy of the colours and the fonts I’ve used, along with the choice of bands. I have used and acquired many skills whilst making this poster, it has increased my skill on photoshop and I now know even more tools that can be used to make different effects.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 13.31.28.png

26/04/17 – Today I managed to complete 1 promotional poster, but as you can see, there are two of these posters. I changed the colour of the writing to make it fit in with the rest of the promotional material as it stood out too much to the others. I also made a couple of changes to the positioning of the text and the bendy line. The first poster was the original, and it changed to the blue font as I believe it looks more effective when put up against the rest of the promotional material.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.13.31

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 09.47.12.png

27/04/17 – I have completed my website template as you can see, I’m pretty impressed with the quality of it, I feel like it links to the posters successfully which is good because if people were to see these poster and then go to the website they would expect the website to have synergy with the posters.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.13.17.png

I also managed to complete poster number 2 which takes the form of a billboard. it holds synergy and looks similar to the rest of my work which is always a good sign.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 14.14.54.png

So all in all its been a busy week for me in terms of practical production, I’ve completed all four forms of promotional material and now I’m ready to go on my holiday without being behind on my work. When I get back I have ten days to complete all my work before the final hand in date.

Week 7 + Week 8

An Inspirational holiday has led me to feel even more motivated than before with this course, its really made me believe that I can make something of myself in the media industry. Being in Florida really motivated me to want to do more and push myself, so one day I can be in a position to travel the world in the media industry.

Week 9

19/05/17 – Today I have begun the evaluation Process on my production log blog post. This is all I’ve managed to get done thus far as I got back into the UK Wednesday morning and was way too tired to come into college that day and even on the Thursday. Due to the 5HR time gap between the two countries and lack of sleep on the flight I was knackered. Im looking forward to getting straight back into the routine and completing this unit by the end of this week.

Week 10

I haven’t kept up with the daily updates this week, because it isn’t my main focus, my main focus is to complete all the work set. It is now Thursday and my plan for tomorrow consists of:

  • Finish this blog post
  • Finish evaluation of final posters
  • Print out any work that needs to be printed

So far this week I have begun the evaluation of my final products, this week has been tough for me, I’m not adjusting to the UK time zone too well, meaning I’ve been very tired and also feeling sick on Wednesday afternoon. However I am feeling good again now and I’m sure I will get all the work in on time.



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