Project Proposal

Our latest unit is called Wonderland, and we will be working on it up until the end of this academic year. This project is known as our Final Major Project (FMP) and we need to get a Merit in order to progress onto the second year, therefore this project is more important than the previous two.

The word Wonderland is what we have to work with, we have total freedom as to what we produce in this unit as long as it links to the word Wonderland. We begun this unit by writing down our initial thoughts as to what the word suggests and the deeper meanings it holds, we have done this on the mind map below.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 09.12.19

Next, we needed to understand what formats we could express our ideas in. As you will also see down below, I had written down a few types of different media styles ranging from print adverts to music videos. For my idea, which I will explain next, I have highlighted the media styles which I will most likely use.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 09.13.51

So far, my idea consists of some sort of advertising campaign for an event/festival in the summer time. My reasoning for this is due to the fact its what fits in my idea of what wonderland is, summer, festivals, sunny weather. It reminds me of what an amazing summer I had last year and will excite me as well as make me want to produce great work. Not only this, but little factors such as this unit takes place over the spring and summer meaning it fits the time of year and weather, it will be easier to obtain typical festival pictures for my adverts such as being on the beach with beers etc. I’m planning on using a range of different types of media for my project. Primarily I will make promotional posters (probably 2-3). I will also make the template of a website. I am also considering making a short 10 second video advert.

Over the coming weeks the next blog posts on my blog will consist of research and planning, then move onto the creation of my work through adobe apps such and photoshop and premier, and then an evaluation of my work.


I have to put into consideration that I will have great difficulty getting a huge crowd of people together to construct the right scene to portray a festival, basically it isn’t an option. However there are ways around this, as you will see in the moodboard, a lot of these images feature only a few people if at all any but can still be implied that it is at a festival due to the nature of the image (sun, alcohol, dress code etc.) Due to the fact my festival will take the form of a festival much like board masters where parts of it are on the beach, I can use my surrounding town to my advantage. I will go down to one of five local beaches with a few friends and take photos to imply that it is some sort of area at a festival.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.57.50.png

Test Product

For my test product I have created a very basic website template including the basic information required to advertise a festival, this test product is more about the positioning of different links and information and less about the colour schemes and images. Having looked at some other websites (link provided below) you will be able to notice the similarities between my design and the designs I’ve looked at.

Wonderland test product screenshot


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