End of Year Exhibit

What is it ?

At the end of this academic year, our group is required to put on an exhibit of all the years work for our parents, lecturers and anyone else who is interested. The event will be in the main room in which we work at 6pm on the 27th June. It will be an informal event so my work will be on some sort of slideshow playing through out the night. Therefore for it to be playing on its own, I need to organise the three units of the year into an effective presentation so that I don’t have to repeatedly show people my work. Below is the promotional poster I made to promote the event.

Fabric Poster Final.png

A little bit of the background information to the Poster, the photograph was taken by me and used as the background for my line up poster in the wonderland project. the text ‘Lens Based Media’ features 3 different colours, each of which is a very dominant colour of a certain project, red being Revolutions, green being Rituals, and blue being Wonderland.


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