This post is dedicated to showing you the branding I have to represent myself and my work through out this course and the sites I use to do so. which I may continue to use through out my career depending on the route I go down.

WordPress Blog

As you are aware, this is the website you’re using to view all my blog posts, WordPress is such an amazing platform for self promotion, hundreds of free and payed homepage designs are available to personalise your site and make it your style. Its really easy to navigate and I’m glad to be using it as my main platform. The style of my blog is smart and sophisticated, at least thats the way I look at it. I feel that the simplicity of the theme/style shows a sense of professionalism. I use this platform to upload almost all of my work, providing links to YouTube videos in posts and full copies of posters embedded into the posts.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 10.14.11.png

YouTube Channel

This is the top of my YouTube homepage. As you can see, fairly basic, however the important information is there. I have linked my WordPress blog just like I linked my YouTube channel on my blog homepage and through the use of widgets. The current banner is using this shade of blue and font to link with my Wonderland project. If you have been following my work, then you will know that blue is a very dominant colour in my project. As is the font used which is named ‘SignPainter’.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 09.58.48


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