Audio Evaluation

Audio Evaluation –

The audio in our film is probably in my opinion the most impressive part of the film, simply because every piece of audio you hear has been added in post-production. I literally mean everything. Every little text tone and gust of wind was all added in later than when it was filmed, the reason for this is due to the fact that our cameras (Canon 1300D x2) have terrible built in microphones and the location we filmed in tends to be very windy a lot of the time. We tried to hire a microphone from our college but it wouldn’t work as it didn’t fit the camera properly. From here we had to improvise as we already planned to use speaking parts in our film but now couldn’t because the audio quality would be shockingly bad. The way we fixed this issue was simply by adding all the audio into the film in post production. Even the voice speaking into the phone wasn’t actually our actors voice, it was two friends of mine acting out a conversation in the recording booth at college which was added in and tweaked a little to make it sound legitimate.

Furthermore, we changed one of the songs used in our film from ‘Honey Sweet – Blossoms’ to ‘Undercover Martyn – Two Door Cinema Club’ as we felt the first song choice didn’t sound/feel right within the scene, simply due to the lyrical content being about love, which isn’t a featuring aspect in our film (well maybe briefly, but certainly not at the time of the film which the music was playing)


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