Audio Planning

Audio –

For this part of the project we are required to plan all of the audio elements that will appear in our main product. I am going to list all of the types of sound such as music and foley and explain how I am going to obtain these sounds. I will also explain why I am going to use these sounds and how they will create meaning.  This post will then be presented to my class for feedback.


The background sounds which will feature in my movie are sounds such as wind and gentle breeze, along with birds chirping and also some sounds of the sea as part of my filming will take place on the beach, Therefore I will also need to add some noise from the seagulls.

Some man made sounds that will feature in my movie will be a few cars going by now and then due to the fact my main filming location is near a road but its not a busy main road. Potentially some factory noises coming from the distance as one of the main sets is built in-between an industrial area.

Human sounds will be fairly minimum in our movie as the filming locations are areas in which not many people will be this time of year such as the local park and beach. There may be some noise from other people in the background but other than that it will just be the main characters.


It is important that we add in these sounds in post production to create a certain effect, I need to make sure that I use sound effects and music effectively as I don’t believe I am going to add a narration over the top. I will use a microphone to make sure the audio quality is clear enough.

The music I use in the movie will be a range of genres to convey different emotions and meanings. For example if you choose to take the character on the bad route there will be dark eerie music to fit the mood, yet if the character goes through the good path the music will be much more up beat.

I am going to get a lot of these sounds from the website ‘sound snap’, as they are copyright free sounds and doing this will save time, if I need any other sounds I will find the time to record them either whilst production is going on or in post production.

The sounds I will need for my film.

Background noise –

  • Wind/Breeze
  • Police sirens
  • Music to fit the scene
  • Birds chirping

Sound effects –

  • Props
  • Eerie sound effects
  • Footsteps on different terrains
  • Human noises

Scene Outline –

The whole idea of our film is to make the viewer question themselves if they would do some of these tasks in order to keep themselves safe, there are no outstanding things such as zombies and other supernatural aspects, just realism, we are trying to replicate the society of Britain and what some people do daily either for fun or to stay alive (technically).

Furthermore, the plot of our story has no sense of security, you being the viewer may think you are making the right decision yet it could change for the worst.

Potential Sound Effects

  • Wind
  • Breeze
  • Birds
  • Crackling of sticks under feet
  • Knife wound
  • Weeping in pain
  • Police sirens

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