Narratives Production Log

Week 1

When beginning a new project, the first week is always about getting your bearings, and finding out what sort of direction you want to go in. Due to our entire group having no real idea of what Post Modernism is, our lecturers decided to have the first couple of weeks dedicated to screening Post Modern films. In this week we managed to watch almost three full movies which were all postmodern in their own way, if you haven’t seen it already, do check out my ‘Post Modernism’ blog post for an explanation of each film. the films we watched were Shaun of the Dead (2004), Memento (2000), and almost all of Mulholland Dr. (2001)

All in all this week was a good week and by the end of it I felt more secure in terms of what we were being asked to create and what post modernism is. You must remember that our ‘week’ only consists of 3 days in college hence why it may look like we aren’t doing an awful lot.

Week 2

This week we watched the remainder of Mulholland Dr.  We then watched another 2 films which I have also spoken about in my Post Modernism blog post. These films were, Triangle (2009). and Hard-core Henry (2015). Both these films were enjoyable and easily identifiable as Post Modern. My favourite of the two has been Shaun of the Dead by a long shot mainly due to its comedy/action hybrid genre, I’ve always enjoyed comedy films more than other genres. You know that it is going to be a great film when it is directed by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. I also really enjoyed Hard-core Henry due to the fact that it was so much different to the majority of other films because it was filmed in first person.

This week has been productive yet fairly relaxing, Ive been able to consume a lot of Post Modern ideologies and now I need to put it to practice and begin to create my own Post Modern storyline. Im looking forward to it!

Week 3

This week I created a test product to resurface my skills on Adobe Premiere. It basically involved a short sequence of a character walking around who then falls asleep, and has a dream/nightmare. It was a basic yet effective short storyline because it challenged me to use special effects to convey that the scene was a dream and not reality, this was super useful to me because my film will also require me to create the same sort of edit due to a drug trip also being link with dreaming through the idea of an ‘altered state of mind’.

Unfortunately my test product has corrupted and doesn’t work, however you really are missing much, it wasn’t planned therefore the overall quality of the shots are pretty poor and the post production was half finished. If I manage to recover it I will be sure to insert it in here. Next week our group has to pitch out ideas to the rest of the group, so the majority of that week will be preparation for the pitch.

Week 4

This week as mentioned I am preparing for my pitch, I am in the process of creating a powerpoint presentation which I will insert onto my ‘Planning’ blog post for you to see if you are interested. Not only will I be pitching my own idea I will be viewing the rest of the groups, hence this week is all booked up for this, in any spare time I will be just adding little bits to my blog.

It is now the end of the week and I have completed my pitch, it went very well and I obtained some great feedback which I will be sure to interpret in my project. It is always great to get feedback as it sometimes changes the way you looked at something for the better. Whether it changes your mind or not you’re still getting reviews from an audience.

Week 5

This week I have been arranging my blog into three posts. ‘Post Modernism’, ‘The Plan’ and ‘Narratives Production Log’. Post Modernism is dedicated to the screenings we had in the first couple of weeks. I talk about the films we watched giving a brief explanation of my thoughts and how I can make my film Post Modern and similar to these examples. The Plan post is an in depth plan of my film and all the work which is involved with the planning process, it includes content such as a script and a storyboard. Finally the blog post you’re reading now is the production log and is a weekly review of each week and what has been achieved. I will be continuously adding to all three of these posts and now that I’ve arranged my work neatly it will be easier to navigate around.

Week 6

This week I have finished arranging my blog posts and have added a few plans for my film to my sketchbook. I have also finally decided on a name for my film. ‘Take It Or Leave It’. I have chosen this because it took me so long to find a good name and in the end I just decided to pick something which conveys the fact that the main character has a choice to take this drug or not and he ultimately decides taking it. No matter how much you are pressured you will still have the choice in the end, I feel like this is a good message to portray to any viewers of the film.

I have also been doing the Storyboard and the Script for the past couple of days and I’ve completed it which is amazing because now I’m ready to film, I’m allowing myself 4-5 days for post production with maybe 1 day at the end to evaluate. This means I can film either today (Thurs 19th Oct) or leave it till half term or the Monday we come back.

Half Term

I have been working every day this week, so therefore have had no time to film. But I was expecting this I as mentioned last week that I may be filming on the Monday which will be happening now. I have also received the news that Kyran (the actor) can no longer participate, however this isn’t a problem because I only need to change to the back up plan I made in case this was to happen. I will now be acting in my film.

Week 7

This week I have done quite a bit, on Tuesday I filmed my entire film. I’ve been editing the footage that I obtained on the day and I’m around half way through. Ive added most of the visuals, but I need to sharpen everything up in terms of the timings of each clip and add audio. Im really happy that I decided to act in my own film, didn’t want to but its actually worked out so much better for me in the end, I’ve been really good with timings and the quality of my content is good, since I’m the only person involved it meant I could film when I wanted for however long I wanted and its just put me in a very relaxed atmosphere which is good because I’m not stressed and producing rubbish content.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.14.22.png

Week 8

This week I managed to complete the visual content and have begun to add the audio and special effects. At this rate Im well on track to complete all the work on time. This has been my favourite week so far due to the fact its solely been dedicated to editing on Premiere which is one of the aspects of media that I find most fun and exciting.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 14.17.48

Next week’s tasks include:

  • Complete this blog post
  • Complete Narratives Essay
  • Add in final special effects
  • Evaluate

Week 9

This week is the final week of the project. Im on track to hand in all the work on time, I’ve completed what I set of myself last week which was to complete this post, complete the essay, add in final effects and finishing touches to my film, and to evaluate my work which is what I’ve been doing through out the course. Ive thoroughly enjoyed this project due to the fact I could cover whatever subject I wanted, what I mean by this is that as long as we created a short film, the material it consisted of could be anything from drugs to time travel.



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