The Plan

Narratives Pitch

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Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 11.03.23.png

I have already begun the editing process even though I haven’t even started filming yet. Ive managed to piece together an intro sequence using royalty free clips and audio taken from various websites. As you can see the intro consists of a quick 13 second selection of a few clips along with the title of the film (Take It Or Leave It) and some audio.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 13.55.45Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 09.16.52

My Character doesn’t have a name but for the sake of the script he will be called James and the drug dealer who hands him the drug will be called Jack.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 12.18.38

Actor Permission: The reason you may look at this and think it looks ‘casual’ is absolutely fair enough. Kyran is a close friend of mine and sits next to me in almost every lesson we have. We have been speaking about acting in each others films since the very beginning of the unit, and we are totally understanding of what we need to do in each others films so this screenshot is just evidence to prove to you the audience that he is okay with it.

Friday 27th October – I have just found out today that Kyran can no longer act in the film, I have resorted to the back up plan which is written down in my sketchbook, the only changes are that I will now be acting therefore the acting may take place in some different locations.

permission screenshot

The Storyboard:

Scene 1 StoryboardScene 3 StoryboardScene 2 Storyboard



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