Idyll – Production Log

Week 1

This week we’ve discussed the brief and looked what our roles are. My role as director means I need to take leadership in this project, I will have the final say of what goes on. The end goal is to create a music video, as director I need to envision the final product, I will be receiving information from my peers who will be giving me ideas and Ill need to funnel these out in order to create what I want the video to look like.

Week 2

This week our group got together and conducted some research, we’ve asked our target audience what they’d like to see through two questionnaires, one being basic and just finding out background information, and the next a little more in depth about the style of music we all like (hip hop) to find out which area of hip hop is popular. From these results we will begin to plan a music video which links to the target audiences demands, and also to the songs lyrical content if possible. However the story could be completely irrelevant to the lyrics, this is something we will discuss over the next few days.

Week 3

This week we have created the teaser trailer for our music video. It involves a short 30 seconds or so of the track ‘Brainwashed’ by ‘The Prophecy’ and features someone from our group walking up the beach in a single pan shot. We may add more shots to it if we manage to film more footage, which is actually the plan next week.

Week 4

This week our group filmed a little more footage but this time for the official music video. This footage may be included in the teaser product, however this footage is primarily going to be used for the actual music video. We have also created a plan so that over the christmas break we can film more if needed so when we come back in the year we are able to get straight onto editing. However this is mainly a backup plan, a few of us are working a lot over the holiday so we want to leave the filming until the 4th January onwards.

Week 5

Christmas Holiday

Week 6

Christmas Holiday

Week 7

This week the group have filmed the rest of the footage and we’ve begun to edit. So far the main music video is looking good, however it has been changed a little due to the fact the song is long, and we don’t have enough footage. The original edit was cut short a lot so we’re changing it back to how it should be by not cutting it as much so the footage lasts through out the video.

Week 8 + 9

These past couple of weeks have just basically been 2 things. Completing the music video to the standard which is acceptable for the whole group, we’ve changed it many times so that everyone is happy with it. We’ve also been completing our own separate work. Ive enjoyed this unit despite the problems we’ve been faced with, and there have been a lot of disputes within the group in terms of who wants what to go where in the edit. With that being said, I feel like I’ve directed this project well. I didn’t take too much responsibility and power on my shoulder and listened to what the group wanted, it was a democracy rather than me dictating my ideas and what goes where. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts and view my content on YouTube. Since I cannot upload the full music video to YouTube due to copyrighted content, I will upload some pictures which really sum up what we achieved.



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