Flight – FMP – Production Log

Week 1 – Week Beginning 26th February 2018

This week I’ve started planning for the Final Major Project (FMP) of the year. I’m really excited for what this project will bring, despite the huge workload. The week began with listing all of the potential ideas I could create. I then narrowed it down to my favourite top 3 most suited ideas judging by my strengths and weaknesses. This resulted in the 3 ideas being:

  • Album Cover
  • Music Video
  • Print Advertisement Campaign

I’ve created a mind map for each and considered the positives and negatives/strengths and weaknesses of each form of media. Ill start by saying a lot of the work for this project is going to be in my sketchbook simply because I find it an easier way of jotting down ideas, yet also getting creative, as you know, creativity is fairly limited on this platform without paying for webpage templates. The main question I’m asking now is how do I link these ideas to the theme ‘Flight’.

Week 2 – Week Beginning 5th March 2018

This week I’ve done further research into my 3 ideas, creating a secondary research page in my sketchbook for each idea, talking a little bit about what I like and my previous experiences with these platforms. Ive also analysed the brief, which helped massively. I can’t stress enough how important it is to thoroughly read through a brief. It may seem like second nature to a lot of you but to others new to the industry like myself, my advise to you is ALWAYS READ THE BRIEF. Wether you’ve been given a full powerpoint or just an email, you must read through and take into account the needs of the customer and what they’ve asked, leaving you to be creative but also staying within the boundaries.

This week I’ve also spoken briefly to a potential client that is willing to work with me while I produce my final project. He is a producer from London and is looking for some sort of content wether it be an album cover, music video or promotional material. At this stage he isn’t really fussed with what I create for him, because at the end of the day he is receiving quality content for free just as long as he works close with me so I can obtain permission forms and other pieces of information ill need from him etc. However this idea is very ‘up in the air’ at the moment. I will have more details by next week.

Week 3 – Week Beginning 12th March 2018

This week Ive consolidated the plan. I will be producing content for a producer from London who wants me to create an album cover, music video trailer, and a promotional poster of some sort.


This is the link to his Soundcloud account, the main driving force behind his music. Ive advised him to create a Youtube channel so we can build his following when we upload the music video trailer. I have also mentioned to him that a Facebook and Instagram page would be hugely beneficial to upload  all the content to.

At this stage I’m still in talks with him as to how we will film the music video and what he wants in the album cover and poster. Next week is the pitch so I don’t think ill be doing much more planning in terms of  the actual promotional material itself. Ill be focusing on preparing for that. The pitch is important because it gives my peers a chance to understand my plans for the next few months. That’s about all I have for this week. I’ve spent the majority of my time continuing work for my sketchbook. The plan for next week is to obviously complete and showcase the pitch to my peers. After that I will sort the feedback into groups and look at what I can potentially change before I start creating a proper plan the following week. Ive begun creating a few mood boards looking into some inspirations of mine which will feature in my sketchbook.

Week 4 – Week Beginning 19th March 2018

As previously mentioned, I’ve been looking into pieces of work I am inspired by, these mood boards feature in my sketchbook and feature some of the work of Cole Bennett, XXXTENTACION and Justin Odisho who works with special effects in Premiere. These people are all playing a part in inspiring my ideas. I created a page in my sketchbook called ‘The client I will produce for’ which is a post I will constantly refer to. It shows a bit of the background information to the client which I can keep looking back on.

This week I also pitched my ideas to my peers. The pitch basically consisted of a few slides which explained the ideas id been having, it was a very loose pitch but I wanted it to be this way so I could receive quality feedback from my peers. I did not mention the artist as I didn’t know if it was final, at the point of creating the slideshow he hadn’t confirmed yet. I received positive feedback overall, however it was fairly clear as to where I went wrong and whats better is I already knew where I went wrong at the time. Ive compiled the results into a tally and it shows that in the pitch id failed to refer to the brief consistently. I also didn’t talk about my target audience. I had both of these planned however, I think I froze on the spot being in front of an audience. The pitch for me personally was pushed behind other content. I feel this happened because of the fact I’m so sure of what I want to do. Ever since I contacted the artist from London thats all I’ve been focusing on yet I had to complete the pitch on that day so I left it as it was. If need be, I will make changes to the pitch to gain a higher grading and make my work look more professional.

This week has really moulded my idea together, having done research into both my client, and work I’m inspired by, I’ve got an idea in my head as to how I want my content to look. I think the next stages for me will be to go and find some filming locations for the music video, and to find some location where I can take photos for the album cover and poster.

Week 5 – Week Beginning 26th March 2018

This week has been a very successful week, I’ve arranged a plan for the easter holidays, conducted secondary research, planned my test products and my assessment panel. I worked hard this week because I knew time would be limited for me over the easter break. I have a part time job, which over the easter holiday I’m sure will turn full time due to tourism; I work in a restaurant. Firstly ill start by explaining my plan for the easter holidays. I will go out on one or two of the days and obtain some test product footage, it doesn’t matter how much I get, as long as there is some form of media I can call my own and edit to show the people I’m pitching my assessment panel too. Im also looking to receive a brief from my client, this will enable me to really kickstart the production stage of the project as soon as the assessment panel is over as he will have pitched exactly what he wants to me. I conducted a little more research into album covers and music videos which basically just consisted of looking at a few more then what I have done already and gain a better understand of the location I want to use, which is looking like it will be on the beach at this point. Overall this week has been a good week and I’m looking forward to coming back after the easter break and cracking on with the practical production, just after the assessment panel.

Easter Break – Week Beginning 2nd + 9th April 2018

These past couple of weeks have been fairly productive, I achieved everything I planned to, now I just need to arrange my work and complete anything outstanding for the assessment panel. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve analysed a brief I received from my client. The plan for the project is going to change a little, instead of a poster I’m now going to take photos and edit them slightly. All of this is explained in detail in my sketchbook. I also went on a test shoot to obtain some footage the week after to use in my test products. I didn’t receive as much footage as id of liked to, however it is enough to be able to create something with the ideas I have in mind to show the people I pitch my assessment panel to. The weather wasn’t great on this day, ill be sure to obtain footage for the real thing on a sunny day.

Despite working so much over the easter break, I managed to get done what need to be done, now I’m ready to push on and complete the pre production stage and get on with the production. Id also like to state that I’m glad about the changes to my project. I was never too keen on the idea of a poster anyway, as you can tell, I was unsure of what to do for it anyway. This week I’m going to be preparing for the assessment panel, I still need to create test products for each media platform, as well as conduct some more research and work on how I’m going to present it, a busy week ahead but I’m excited to receive some feedback from someone other than my lecturers who are always looking at it. I will keep you posted as to how the assessment panel goes.

Week 6 – Week Beginning 16th April 2018

This past week has all been about preparation for the assessment panel. Ive managed to create 3 album cover test products, and also 5 test photographs. As mentioned in my sketchbook I am in the process of finishing the music video trailer test as we speak. My assessment panel isn’t until late Monday afternoon so I have time to complete it on the day. In terms of primary research, I created a questionnaire last week which received very effective feedback, basically exactly what I wanted to hear. It gives me confidence that my work is actually pretty good, my advice to anyone in freelance work is make sure you obtain feedback from a target audience before releasing any content. My client is really the only person I need to impress, because as long as he likes it then he will be willing to showcase it to his audience. But my point is its always important to receive feedback at some point before the initial release of a product.

Its going to be a big week for me this week. I need to first complete the assessment panel, which should be fairly easy, its just a case of getting the test product finished in time. As soon as thats out the way I need to begin the official music video trailer in time for its release on 1st May. Im on track to complete this in time providing I dedicate the rest of the week to it. My client has sent the song over to me, and I have the right footage so I’m ready to go. I will update you next week as to how it all goes, this time next week I will hopefully be making the finishing touches and will send it over to my client.

Week 7 – Week Beginning 23rd April 2018

This week I’ve gotten on with the assessment panel, received feedback, and acted on that feedback. All while receiving more feedback from my client about my test products. Both feedback I received was useful because it let the people who have involvement in the project see what I’ve been up to and where I’m going with this project. I also went on multiple photoshoots to try and gain an understanding of when the best time to take my final photographs and photographs for the album artwork would be, and I’ve concluded that its definitely the sunset shoot, however a shoot in the daytime allows for clearer photos due to more light, this is something ill surely keep in mind. The assessment panel was really beneficial and to anyone in the industry id recommend this ‘style’ of obtaining feedback. I looked into the feedback I was given and my client has asked me to change and add a few things to my existing work, one of which was the Golden Ratio. If you’d like to know more about this amazing idea, do some research into it! Ill be including it in my album covers that I create.

So with all this being said, I need to plan the coming week. At the time of writing this (Monday 30th April) I have 24 hours to complete the ,music video trailer. This may seem daunting to read but don’t forget it is only a trailer! 50 seconds maximum. My client has also stated that should I need a little longer then that is no problem because he won’t be releasing it straight away anyway. After I’ve completed the music video trailer, I’m going to continue to go on photo shoots and begin production of the photographs and album covers. This week is mainly all about finishing the trailer, then starting to plan the other work out.

Week 8 – Week Beginning 30th April 2018

So, I completed the music video trailer in time, and it was all fine however having a Skype call with my client, we decided that he was going to delay the initial release a little bit and that he been planning on doing so for about a week or so anyway. We spoke about what to do with the next draft since we had a little longer than expected now. I made the necessary changes to the music video and now I’m in the planning stage for my album cover package and photographs. Im glad to of finally finished with the music video trailer, I’ve made three in total and gone on many footage shoots so I’m glad to move on to the next part of the project as it switches things up for me a little bit. Next week you can expect to see me planning out how I will create this album cover package that my lecturer recommended I do instead of just a couple of album covers. This package will be a sort of ‘deluxe edition’ to go along with the release of an album. Ive spoken to my client and he’s not releasing an album any time soon. I may do this deluxe package for an existing artist to allow me to mix up the styles I’ve been using. Ive been taking a lot of photographs of the sunsets and natural beauty, however id love to research more into abandoned areas etc. I will keep you posted on here next week with the decision I’ve made.

28th May 2018

I understand that this is a rather large jump from a weekly review. Ive been so busy completing final bits of work from through out the past two years that I’ve rejected the blog a little to say the least. Having completed all the work for the album covers and making small adjustments to other pieces of work I think its safe to say I’m finally finished with the entire college course itself. Ive also been busy creating a website for myself, as well as trying to build a client base to make promotional content for.

As for the deluxe package for the album artwork. Ive designed postcards and posters with natural, beautiful sunsets on them to coincide with the idea of natural beauty that my clients label is pushing to perceive. As for the music video trailer, he’s posted that on his Facebook page and the final release of the music is coming up in the next few weeks.


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