Idyll – Test product

For my test product I’ve decided to look at the first genre that comes to mind. This being rap. This is the genre our group has chosen to do for the group project so I can share ideas between my own test product and the group work. Ive been looking at a bunch of music videos […]

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Idyll – Research and Planning

Friday 24th November For our second project of the year, were required to create a music video in our groups of 5. This may sound simple, however the planning and preparation that goes into it is immense. I have been appointed the role ‘Director’, meaning I’ll be essentially leading the group forward and making the […]

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Idyll – Production Log

Week 1 This week we’ve discussed the brief and looked what our roles are. My role as director means I need to take leadership in this project, I will have the final say of what goes on. The end goal is to create a music video, as director I need to envision the final product, […]

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