Interactive Media Assignment

Interactive media refers to services on computer systems which respond to the user’s actions by presenting content such as text, moving image, animation, video, audio, and video games. They can also refer to a type of interactive short films which I am sure some of you may have seen on YouTube. These videos consist of short films which the viewer […]

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Revolutions Presentation

This Blog post will contain all the presentations and ideas for my film, including mood boards and visual timelines. Ideas for my Video. As mentioned in the mind map, I think I am going to do a project which involves social and dark realities of British life. The reason for this is due to the […]

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Revolutions Planning

Inspiration: The Walking Dead – Season 7 Episode 1. For a fan of the show, this episode was potentially the most hyped yet intense episode ever out of the 99 episodes that have been made so far. The reasoning for this is due to the reveal of the latest villain Negan, and his sick yet satisfying act. A […]

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Revolutions Evaluation

Pre Production Evaluation – A lot of the Pre Production work that I did helped a huge amount in terms of planning my filming stages. Without the time schedule, filming shoot plans, and all the other little pieces of work I did, I wouldn’t of been in as much of a secure positon in terms […]

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Revolutions Skills Log

Lighting Workshop (Mise en Scene) Mise en Scene means ‘Place on Stage’ in French and it is basically the contents of a scene. Everything that is in that scene is put there for a specific reason, this includes costumes, behaviour and many other aspects, today I will be explaining how lighting is specifically placed on […]

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