Rituals Defined

Generalised ritual explanation. The term ‘Ritual’ can be applied to the beginning of human existence, its almost second nature, we take part in many many rituals every day. When we wake up, the majority of us will take part in a ritual, we will get up, walk into the bathroom, and brush our teeth, and […]

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GOLF PROJECT (Pre Production)

WHAT In my first unit at college, I have to produce the promotional material for a documentary on a ritualistic activity which will air as part of a 12 part series on Channel Four. First off, you may be wondering how on earth golf is ritualistic. When its simple in fact, golf can be classed […]

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Primary and Secondary Research

Primary research is new research, carried out to answer specific issues or questions. It can involve questionnaires, surveys or interviews with individuals or small groups. Secondary research makes use of information previously researched for other purposes and publicly available. Definition taken from – http://businesscasestudies.co.uk/food-standards-agency/market-research-and-consumer-protection/primary-and-secondary-research.html#axzz4QwReweDW Primary Secondary

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Research for my Essay

Recently I have been obtaining research for an essay I need to write about my chosen ritual, I need to explain aspects such as where I got inspiration from, so I have found some examples of documentary and have observed how they have gone through the process of advertisement right through to releasing the movie. […]

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My First Photography Shoot

Taking photos is not always as simple as you may think. A photoshoot involves lots of planning and preparation in order to set the right scene and convey the proposed message. Since the main idea of my documentary project is to show how golf has changed in demographic and style over the years, the model I […]

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Evaluation of Photoshoot 1

I completed my first photo shoot over half term on the date intended. The shoot went well and I managed to do pretty much exactly what I wanted to do, as mentioned in a previous post, the main idea behind this shoot was to obtain ideas of which camera angels to use for my promotional […]

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