Ident (How To)

The Creation of an Ident This post will be about how I’ve created my Ident, along with how to create one yourself (for beginners) and then in a few weeks I will insert the link of the final Ident which I will upload to youtube for you to watch. Enjoy. First of all, you open […]

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Logic (Sound Effects)

Today I downloaded the train fight scene from the movie ‘Spectre’ using ‘Youtube to MP4 Converter’,deleted the audio overlay and added my own. I used sounds effects on logic to replicate the ones in the original. Over the next couple of years I will be adding more like this, except I will only get better […]

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Photoshop (Flyers)

These are Flyers I have made for two different styled events at the same venue, I did this on Photoshop and used mainly the text tool, to type in the different bits of information. If you’re wondering where I got the font for the ‘Twisted’ writing I went to ‘Dafont’ which is a website where […]

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Adobe InDesign

In Design is the Adobe version of certain software which enables you to make leaflets/magazines/posters etc. It uses similar tools as photoshop but some are different as it is not so much an editing software. I will be using InDesign in my course because I need to make promotional material for my chosen ritual ‘Basketball’. Since our first […]

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Ive been looking at genre, narrative and representation in movie trailers and movies recently. Genre Ill share my thoughts on these screenshots in the trailers with you. From this screenshot of the movie trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens we can infer lots about the genre the movie will entail and some key features […]

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Adobe Premier

I have been acquiring skills on how to use adobe premier which much like photoshop, is a widely used popular editing software among the media industry. In this section of my blog I will give some useful tips on how to do certain things in premier and also show you some of my recent projects. […]

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