Project Proposal

Our latest unit is called Wonderland, and we will be working on it up until the end of this academic year. This project is known as our Final Major Project (FMP) and we need to get a Merit in order to progress onto the second year, therefore this project is more important than the previous […]

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Production Log

Week 1 This week I have produced the ‘Project Proposal’ Blog post which I will be pitching to my class next week. The post includes elements of research as well as an introduction to the unit and my initial ideas for the project. I will insert a short snippet of the explanation of my idea […]

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Research & Planning

When doing my pitch, I gave both my class and the other class question sheets to answer so I could obtain results and see how well I did in terms of my presentation skills and my idea itself. Each question as you will see is out of a total score of 100, meaning I had […]

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